Motivational letter

Why did you choose the ATCM programme?
This we would like to know much more about.

The motivational letter is a part of the application just like exam results, information about work experience etc.

The purpose is to give us knowledge about your expectations for the study programme and your reason to choose the ATCM study. In other words, we would like to make sure this is the right programme for you.

The motivational letter is an opportunity for you to tell us why it is this programme you apply for.

The motivational letter should maximum be 1 normal page (2400 characters including spaces) excluding any attachments and must be attached to your application.

You can be inspired by following questions when writing your motivational letter,

• Why do you want to study this programme?

• What do you know about the programme and from where did you get your interest and what fascinates you about the profession?

• What are your relevant competences for this programme? Which activities have given you these competences and why are they relevant?

• What have you done to become a good student for this specific programme?

• How do you believe your competences are equal to the formal admission criteria?

• Have you taken part in events at VIA (visits, webinars, student for a day etc.)? Please describe the event and outcome?

• How do you see yourself working within the content of the programme and the teaching methodology?

• Do you have any experience within visualization and 3D understanding? Please attach some of your work.

• Why are you interested in working in the building industry?

• How do you see yourself as a graduate within this profession? what kind of job do you imagine having as a graduate from this programme?