We are pleased to announce the upcoming World Water Camp to be held September 11-16, 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

World Water Camp 2022 is a unique opportunity for students with an interest in current water challenges to meet and network with other students from around the globe in a strong learning community. 


The main aspect of World Water Camp 2022 is carefully guided participation in the International Water Association’s World Water Congress and Exhibition  which will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Congress is the premier global event for water professionals and designed to bring together over 10,000 people from academia, utilities, industry, government, regulators and NGOs. It is held every two years in a different city across the globe. We are proud to welcome the participants to the Nordic Region.

When and where

August 31, 2022: Warm up, Online

September 7, 2022, Warm up, Online

September 11-16, 2022, On site, Copenhagen

September 28, 2022, Recap session, Online

The World Water Camp will start with two 2h warm-up online sessions before the main conference. These will be held on Wednesdays (Aug. 31 and Sept. 7, 2022). Participants will get to know each other and be introduced to planning in order to get the most out of participation in a large international conference on water.

Campers will then participate in the World Water Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, organized by International Water Association (IWA). The IWA Congress will start on Sunday, Sept. 11 with departure on Friday, Sept.16, 2022.

After the IWA Congress in Copenhagen, the World Water Camp will arrange for one recap online session (2 hours) on Sept. 28, 2022.

During the stay in Copenhagen, Campers will stay at the Cabinn Metro, Copenhagen, in walking distance from the Congress Venue at Bella Center.

The IWA Congress will be held at Bella Center Copenhagen. The Bella Center features its own Metro station just 6 kilometres from Copenhagen Airport.


World Water Camp is for students who are currently enrolled in an educational programme related to water at a bachelor or master’s level. Students from all over the world are encouraged to apply for participation. 


Are you interested in joining the World Water Camp?

We are open to applications starting October 15, 2021 and ending on February 22, 2022. Click on the link below to Complete the application form. As part of the application form, we ask you to prepare a motivation statement. This statement is important, as it will be used to select candidates for the limited number of World Water Camp participants. We have room for 50 international participants in total.

If you are selected for participation, we will charge a fee of EUR 200 per person. Note that this is only a fraction of the actual costs, thanks to generous donations from our sponsors who are leaders in the water sector. The fee covers room and board as well as the entrance fee to the IWA Congress and field trips. Travel expenses to and from Copenhagen are not included. There is a total of 10 scholarships to students from low income countries, supported by the Danish Water Forum (DWF). Each scholarship is valid 200 EUR which covers the delegate fee to join at the World Water Camp 2022. 

We hope you will join us! 

Loren Ramsay, Technical Programme Director 
Majbritt Lund, Content Developer
Ditte Andreasen Søborg, Technical Advisor
Francisca Braga, Camp Coordinator 
Torben Lund Skovhus, Project Manager


  • World Water Camp is a collaboration between the following organisations:

    • VIA University College, Horsens, Denmark
    • The International Water Association (IWA)
    • Young Water Professionals Denmark (YWPDK)

    The Camp programme involves a workload of approximately 80 hours. It may be possible for you to receive study credit for the World Water Camp. For European students, the workload translates to 2-3 ECTS points (one full year of study is 60 ECTS points). Receiving credit at your school for participation in the World Water Camp, however, depends on your home institution. The typical procedure is to provide your school with your Camp Certificate and a course description, and they will decide if you can receive study credit.

    As a participant in the World Water Camp, you will learn about current challenges and explore possible solutions in a growing water sector that offers many exciting work opportunities for young water experts.

    The World Water Camp focusses on providing you with opportunities to build an international network among students sharing interest in future water. We provide an international perspective on the water themes and approach the subject matter from the points of view of different stakeholders: utilities, consultants, contractors, equipment suppliers, researchers, environmental authorities, etc.

    The World Water Camp consists of three parts (see the following sections):


    If you have any questions about the camp, please contact Francisca Braga at


  • Two virtual class sessions will be held on Zoom. There will be one session each week (August/September 2022) and each session will last 2 hours. Since participants are in different time zones, that actual time depends on your location (morning in the Americas, afternoon in Africa and Europe and evening in Asia). 

    During these sessions, you meet the teachers and get to know your fellow Campers by solving challenges together in small breakout rooms. These class sessions will introduce the major themes of the World Water Camp:

    • Drinking Water
    • Wastewater
    • Climate Change

    Adaption as well as prepare you to get the most out of your conference experience. We will also have lively debates of so-called “wicked” problems. In connection with these sessions, you will receive videos and other materials for viewing at your own pace.

  • This intense week in September 2022 is your opportunity to meet your teachers and fellow Campers in real life and to experience the exciting atmosphere of a major conference, where world experts meet to present and discuss global challenges in the water sector.

    Each day, we will meet at breakfast and the Task-of-the-Day will be presented. After breakfast, you will go to the conference venue in small groups and complete the task. This can involve sitting in at a specific presentation, searching the exhibition halls to spotlight certain industry products and services or simply having free time to explore the venue for any subject that has your specific interest.

    In between conference participation, relevant field visits to exciting locations will be arranged and special sessions for specific subjects will be made – such as visiting the IWA Young Water Professionals organisation. Your own country may already have a YWP organisation. If not, you may be able to start one!

    Each evening, we will meet with each other for Philosophers’ hour. During this time, we will reflect on the experiences of the day and get to know each other better. Following successful completion of the World Water Camp, you will receive an official Certificate of Participation.

  • A final virtual class session will be held on Zoom once you have returned to your home country. Here we will evaluate the World Water Camp and say our final good-byes. The recap session provides a final opportunity to exchange contact information, evaluate the World Water Camp and to remain in touch in the future. 

  • Interested in joining World Water Camp 2022?

    Go to the application site and fill in the application form




    September 11-16, 2022

  • Prestigious Event Sponsor: 

    The Grundfos Foundation

    Grundfos Foundation

    The Grundfos Foundation (Poul Due Jensen Foundation) owns 88.2% of the Grundfos Group. In 2021, the Foundation donated almost 200m DKK to important causes such as water projects in developing countries, inclusion projects and support for research and learning within science and engineering.


    Platinum Sponsor:



    At Fors A/S we work every day to make a difference for the climate, the environment and the green transition to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to grow up with a nature in balance.

    We are highly professional, and work constantly to become even better. Therefore, we are always looking for new employees with strong competencies and a desire to be a part of our green agenda.

    Fors A/S has about 200 employees who supply drinking water, provide district heating, treat wastewater, collect waste and run recycling sites. In total, we reach 200,000 customers every day with one or more of our products. We respect our customers and want to be the utility company that creates the best customer experience. We do this by working smarter, listening to customers and delivering sustainable solutions that take future challenges into account.

    Gold Sponsors:



    Water is essential for life and effective water and wastewater systems are key to a modern society and to safeguarding the health and safety of the population and the environment. But increased urbanisation and climate changes are posing major challenges to the water sector.  COWI is a leading consulting group with more than 90 years of experience and more than 6,700 employees.

    Based on our world-class competencies within engineering, economics and environmental science we offer consultancy services within all aspects of water sector development, climate adaptation including coastal protection and storm flood reductions. We advise our customers on environmentally sound and financially optimal water management solutions for utilities, cities, transportation networks and industries.

    COWI - Powering your 360° solutions


    Silver Sponsors:  

    DWF – Danish Water Forum
    danish water forum

     Danish Water Forum is a network organization that works to promote cooperation and knowledge sharing in the water sector. Our activities aim at spreading information about Danish water technologies and expertise globally. 
    Danish Water Forum is a network of Danish water organizations aiming at highlighting Danish water expertise and knowledge and facilitating concerted actions. DWF represents: 
    • Contractors and manufacturers 
    • Water companies and consultants 
    • Research institutions 
    • Organizations and Gov. Institutions



    Water treatment since 1936 
    SILHORKO-EUROWATER is manufacturing water treatment plants for drinking water, process water, boiler water, district heating. 
    More than 400 people are employed internationally running activities in most European countries – either through subsidiary companies or through local distributors that all are water treatment specialists with local service facilities. 

    Bronze sponsor:


    Rambøll is a leading engineering, architecture and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945.  Partner with clients to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish. 

    With their unique combination of technical excellence and socio-economic insights they deliver enduring structures, resource-efficient solutions and socially cohesive communities for today and tomorrow.  




    Niras is a value-driven, multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy fundamentally committed to sustainable progress and service delivery.

    Through our more than 7,000 current projects, we provide a great contribution to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. In our own day-to-day work, we emphasise accountability and ethics.

    We are a signatory to the UN Global Compact and a member of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). Consequently, we are committed to upholding a number of international principles.

    We work systematically with a Business Integrity Management System as a tool to prevent any kind of corruption and bribery. Our policies are in accordance with OECD and FIDIC recommendations.

    Sustainable progress of society - NIRAS




    With more than 50 years of dedicated research and global experience in the water domain, DHI empowers you to make effective planning and real-time decisions for your water business. This is based on trusted technology including MIKE by DHI, local presence in more than 30 countries and unparalleled support.

    Never be alone with your critical water-related decisions – partner with DHI


    IWA – International Water Association


    The International Water Association is the network of water professionals striving for a world in which water is wisely, sustainably and equitably managed.
    Drawing exceptional professionals from over 140 countries, the membership of the International Water Association (IWA) brings together scientists, researchers, technology companies, and water and wastewater utilities. The IWA is an international reference for the water and sanitation industry.

    International Water Association Network 


    YWP DK – Young Water Professionals Denmark


    YWP Denmark is a group of students and professionals ranging from social, natural, and engineering, policy makers, scholars, practitioners, Danish, and internationals. The overall purpose of YWPDK is to provide a free of charge and non-profit networking platform for young and new water professionals in the Danish water sector. 
    The main focus on professional networking, knowledge sharing, skills development, exploring new trends and international collaboration. 

    YWPDK – Young Water Professionals Denmark


    DANVA – Danish Water and Wastewater Association


    DANVA is the interest organization for everyone who works professionally with water and wastewater. The association is an independent non-profit association, funded by its members and by income-covered business.

    DANVA - Danish Water and Wastewater Association


    VIA University College

    VIA University College

    VIA University College was established in 2008 as a result of a number of mergers of institutions of higher education. 
    Today, VIA is one of the country’s six university colleges, covering the Central Denmark Region. 
    The programmes, courses and research focus on professional practice in areas such as healthcare, teaching, social education, technology, business and design.

    VIA University CollegeAt Fors A/S we work every day to make a difference for the climate, the environment and the green transition to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to grow up with a nature in balance.

  • If you have any questions about the camp, please contact Francisca Braga at