Virtual World Water Camp 2021 is an on-line Camp aimed at national and international graduate and undergraduate students associated with the online Water Conference organized by IWA during May 2021

The camp is organized in two parts;

Part 1 runs from February 2021 to May 2021 and acts as a warm-up for

Part 2 which involves participation in the IWA Virtual World Water Congress and Exhibition 2021 during May 2021


As a participant at Virtual World Water Camp 2021, you will have an opportunity to build network across the globe and to gain an international perspective on the many facets of water. From February to May, you will receive a guided introduction within selected main topics, through a mixture of e-learning, live sessions, discussion on tough challenges with fellow students and individual assignments. 

The Camp concludes with an intensive on-line experience in connection with 20th IWA Virtual World Water Congress during Maj 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark – which is the premier global event for water professionals covering the entire water cycle. 

When and where

The Camp is an online and will start by 3 February and include weekly live sessions and assignments through to May.

Participation in the online Water Conference organized by International Water Association during May 2021.


The target group is students currently enrolled in an educational programme related to water management and/or climate change adaption at bachelor or master level. Students from all over the world are encouraged to apply for participation.

Entry fee: 150 EUR (students from low income countrues can apply for scholarship to cover the entry fee).


Registration is open December 15, 2020 to February 1, 2021.

Registration is on-line here 

Kind regards,

Majbritt Lund, Camp Coordinator

Loren Ramsay, Technical Program Director

Torben Lund Skovhus, Project Manager


About Virtual WORLD WATER CAMP 2021

  • The focus of the camp will be on climate change adaptation, wastewater and drinking water.

    As a camp participant, you will learn about the current world-wide challenges related to water resources and climate change adaption, and explore and discuss the possible solutions.

    You will learn about the current challenges related to these water themes from an international perspective. You will also gain insight into a growing water sector that offers many exciting work opportunities for young water experts. A wide variety of methods will be used to ensure that students receive a unique experience.


    If you have any questions about the camp, please contact Majbritt Lund at


  • Three main themes:
    - Drinking water
    - Wastewater
    - Climate Adaption

    Each theme will include a “Launch Lectures” with a world-wide perspective on the general topic. Within each theme, selected sub-topics will be addressed by a mixture of:
    - virtual field trips to exciting locations
    - lively debates of so-called “wicked” problems
    - spotlights on industry products and services
    - at-your-own-pace e-learning assignments
    - sessions or talks within the Danish Water Forum on-line conference and 
    - preparation of your own personal water portfolio.

    Three main themes including sub-topics:

    - Drinking water
    o Drinking water sources
    o Drinking water treatment
    o Drinking water distribution

    - Wastewater
    o Wastewater treatment
    o Recovery
    o Sewer system

    - Climate Adaption
    o Climate adaption at local and regional scales
    o Nature-based solutions
    o Livable cities

    During the IWA on-line conference in May 2021, expect an intensive on-line program, where the Camp will provide the student with selected task of the day and “sit-in” on selected presentations. There will be an opportunity to join a student group that focuses their participation on a subject of special interest, as well as an opportunity to talk with Young Water Professionals organization.

  • Teaching will rely on high degree of individual independent work guided by a number of different types of presentations and assignments. These will be presented in an on-line classroom and available for independent “at-your-own-pace”.

    Each new theme will be introduced by a “Launch Lecture” with a world-wide perspective on the general topic. Sub-topics has been selected to address different perspectives (including utilities, industry, authorities, academia). The work “at-your-own-pace” will be assisted with pre-recorded videos, virtual field trips, quizzes, assignments, etc. Guided peer feedback will be used to provide students with opportunities to reflect. 

    The Water Camp will use selected presentations from the Danish Water Forum conference (DWF) as training in conference participation and as part of the perspectivation of actual and future challenges with respect to water.

    Students will be asked to prepare a personal water portfolio during the camp, focusing on individual selected challenges within the future water.
    Weekly Live-Sessions will challenge students in lively debates of wicked problems, provide opportunity to build an international network among students sharing interest in future water.
    Participation is encouraged using break-out rooms for discussions, polling, posting, chat forums, and other on-line streaming tools.
    Assignments will be given to individual student work – however both during the live-sessions and within the classroom students are encouraged to take part in discussions and peer to peer processes.

    Full participation in the Virtual World Water Camp awards students with a Camp Certificate.
    Full participation of the Virtual World Water Camp corresponds to 5 ECTS point. 

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  • Interested in joining World Water Camp 2021?

    Go to the application site and fill in the application form




    February to May 2021


    *150 euro (students from low income countries can apply for scholarship to cover the entry fee)


    Application is open. Application closes on February 1st 2021 @12.00 GTM+1

    Study Credits

    Camp programme expect student workload comparable to 5 ECTS


    Seats available

    *The fee includes:

    Full participation in 

    • the Virtual WORLD WATER CAMP
    • 15th Danish Water Forum on-line conference during spring 2021
    • IWA World Water Congress May 2021


  • If you have any questions about the camp, please contact Majbritt Lund at