Here are the extracts of the courses we offer as a part of the BA top-up in Branding and Marketing Management.

Consumer Behaviour

In this course, you’ll learn to define various groups of customers. You’ll acquire methods that will allow you to analyse influential factors on consumer behaviour, and gain the ability to tailor a company’s communications strategy so it reflects the company’s goals and strategies. 

User-driven Innovation 

You’ll gain the ability to plan and carry out user-driven innovation. Interviews, field studies and workshops are just a few of the tools you will learn to use and manage. The objective is to create extensive knowledge of reliable services and products. 

Strategic Management 

You will learn to use strategic management as a means of helping the company navigate in a changeable world. We primarily focus on strategy, with downstream challenges as the point of departure. We will also pay attention to strategic management in a holistic context, i.e. in the context of the entire value chain. 

Branding Strategies in Action

You become skilled in developing and applying theoretical and practical models that match the needs and cost level of the strategy management in companies. You will learn how to analyse and reflect on similarities and divergences between successful and unsuccessful branding strategies. 

PR & Event Management

You’ll learn to identify company stories and modes of expression. You’ll become skilled in communicating these to the public domain as well as to other interested parties of the company. This course centres on telling the company’s good stories, as well as crisis management, event management, planning and measurement of effectiveness. 

Graphic Design 

You’ll work with the most significant theories and methods within the area of graphic design. The teaching centres on the creation of visual identities. You’ll learn how to use Adobe’s graphic design tools and how to work out a reliable visual identity for a product or company that needs to create a graphic profile. 

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