Motivation description

Why are you applying to VIA Global Nutrition & Health? We would like to learn a bit more about you via your motivation description, which you must submit along with your application.

The goal of the motivation description is to make clear why you want to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Global Nutrition & Health, and which specific thoughts you have about the course and the subject.

The motivation description is used as documentation if you are applying under quota 2 and becomes part of the total evaluation of your application.

Describe how your skills are relevant to the VIA Global Nutrition & Health programme

We suggest that you use the questions below to help you create a motivation description.

In the application form we ask about your skills, including work, short courses, long course, free-time interests and participation in projects, as well as how you use those skills when you take on an assignment or solve a problem.

Helping questions for your motivation description

Choose the skills that may have special relevance for your choice of education:

  1. Why do you want to study for a Bachelor's degree in Global Nutrition & Health? How did you develop an interest in the topic? Why does it fascinate you?
  2. Which skills do you have that are relevant for this education? And why are these specific skills particularly relevant?
  3. What do you know about the education? Where did you get this information?
  4. What do you think about working with nutrition and health from a global perspective?
  5. Date and signature

The motivation description can be no longer than one A4 sheet of paper, not including any potential appendices.

The motivation description can be uploaded along with the application for admission under quota 2 in