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VIA Marketing Management

Academy Profession Degree

This is a business programme with a focus on international marketing, business economics, sales and marketing communication, organisation and management, and business law.

About the programme

  • Facts

    Title: Academy Profession Degree in Marketing Management

    Duration of the programme: 2 years (120 ECTS). Full time course of study.

    Programme start: August.

    Study location: Horsens. Read more about Campus Horsens.

    Language: The programme is taught in English

    Curriculum: See the curriculum

    Executive order: See the executive order (only in Danish)

    See the study activity model

    See the average grade and statistics of VIAs programmes (only in Danish)

  • Structure and content

    Teaching is based on business practice and applied theory.

    The Marketing Management programme helps you acquire a high level of knowledge and skills within the field and consists of mandatory and elective elements, internship and a final project.

    Our teaching is based on business practice and applied theory. Theory is approached through assignments, cases and problem-based learning, an instructional method that allows you to work in teams to answer questions or solve real-world problems. We also link theoretical knowledge to real-life cases developed in close cooperation with local companies.

    In addition, you will be able to create your own profile using the elective elements of the 3rd semester of the programme. 

    1st semester

    The semester consists of a number of mandatory elements, including business know how, methodology and market know how. You will work on these elements via a number of core areas.

    2nd semester

    During the 2nd semester, you will work on tactical and operational marketing for both the B2B and B2C markets.

    3rd semester

    During the 3rd semester, the focus is on internationalisation. In addition to the mandatory elements, you will be able to choose from a number of elective elements.

    4th semester

    The 4th semester consists of an internship and a final project.

    The aim of the internship is to equip you with work experience within a business environment, giving you the opportunity to focus in depth upon problems and issues arising in the real world.

    Your internship can either take place in a Danish company or in a foreign company. The duration of the internship will typically be between three and five months, depending on whether you decide to write your final project in cooperation with the company. 

    The educational programme starts with a commencement of studies exam

    You are required to sit and pass an exam in order to continue on the Marketing Management programme no later than one month after studies have started.

    The aim of the commencement of studies exam is to identify and exclude inactive students from the programme.

    You can read more about the commencement of studies exam in the curriculum (pdf).

  • Enrolment

    Get information about the enrolment requirements for Danish and international students.

    Requirements for Danish students

    Danish students need an Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate (STX, HF, HHX, HTX, EUX) with mathematics or business economics at intermediate level B (the levels referred to on this page refer to Danish levels). You must have passed mathematics or business economics B with a minimum mark of 02. Furthermore, you must have passed English C with a minimum mark of 02.

    You may also have a vocational education within a commercial field (retail, wholesale, office or finance) in combination with mathematics or business economics at the intermediate level (B-level) from the upper secondary school examination.

    All applications will be evaluated individually. The following criteria are used when assessing the applications received:

    • Exam results from previous studies
    • Work experience (a minimum of 30 hours work per week for at least 3 months)
    • Relevant work experience (e.g. work in sales, marketing, logistics, transportation, communication, economics)
    • Other work experience
    • Stays abroad (for a consecutive period of minimum 3 months)
    • Relevant courses of at least 6 months’ duration, e.g. preparation courses for refugees and immigrants
    • General motivation
    Quota 2

    The following criteria are used in the assessment of quota 2 applications:

    • Exam results from previous studies
    • Work experience (a minimum of 30 hours work per week for at least 3 months)
    • Relevant work experience (e.g. work in sales, marketing, logistics, transportation, communication, economics)
    • Other work experience
    • Stays abroad (for a consecutive period of minimum 3 months)
    • Relevant courses of at least 6 months’ duration, e.g. preparation courses for refugees and immigrants
    • General motivation
    Equivalent qualifications

    Each semester contains a complete and partial learning sequence with its own exams. That means it is possible for students to complete parts of the study programme with documented equivalent qualifications from another Danish or foreign educational institution.

    Requirements for international students

    • International students must provide upper secondary school examination certificates and diplomas. Send a copy of transcript of records translated to English.
    • The International and the European Baccalaureates

    The above certificates must provide evidence of mathematics or business economics corresponding to a Danish B-level (intermediate level with minimum of 2 years at upper secondary level). 

    You may also have a vocational education within a commercial field (retail, wholesale, office or finance) in combination with mathematics or business economics at the intermediate level (corresponding to the Danish B-level). 

    The following criteria are used in the assessment of international applications:

    Credit transfer

    Students who have completed relevant study activities at a foreign institution of higher education may be allowed to transfer their credits to VIA, which may exempt the student from exams/courses of a study programme.

    To apply for credit transfer you need to apply online at

    It is very important that you upload all relevant documentation.

    As attachment you can fill out the Credit Transfer Application Form (pdf) as well as the Credit Transfer Agreement (pdf)

    Your credit transfer application must include:

    A certified copy of an examination certificate (e.g. transcript of records) that documents:

    • That you have passed the study activity
    • How many ECTS points the study activity is worth 

    Read more about credit transfer at VIA University College

    Verification form

    In order to provide documentation that applicants with a non-Danish entry qualification fulfil the admission requirements, a verification form should be submitted in addition to your diploma and other documents.

    The verification form is used to verify the hours of instruction (1 hour = 60 minutes) of every needed subject during the final three years of upper secondary school. This helps us convert your qualifications to Danish levels.

    Please note that the form is valid only when stamped and signed by your school. The form must be submitted with your application at

    Documentation of your current English language level

    If English is not your first language, you will need to provide documentation of your English language level.

    As documentation we accept the following internationally recognized language tests and minimum test score:

    IELTS An average band score of 6.5
    TOEFL Internet-based 83
    TOEFL Paper-based (valid until June 2019)  585
    TOEFL Paper-delivered 

    Reading - high (22-30)
    Listening - high (22-30)
    Writing - good (24-30)

    Cambridge ESOL tests CAE, 176 overall on the Cambridge English scale
    FCE, 180 overall on the Cambridge English scale
    IB (International Baccalaureate)
    Group 1: All grades
    Group 2: English B HL, all grades
    English B SL, minimum grade 5

    Please be aware that your test scores are only valid for 2 years after the test date.

    If you are an international student who does not meet the required language skills, you may also choose to sit for VIA University College's English Language Assessment Test (VIAT/e):

    Applicants who are native speakers or have proof of secondary school education from the UK, Australia, the USA, Canada or New Zealand are exempt from the English language admission requirements.

    Applicants from Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland do not need to be tested in English for the English speaking study programmes. Their high school diploma will be converted to Danish grade levels and they will then be assessed and admitted according to the requirements for Danish applicants.

  • How to apply

    The programme begins once a year - in August.

    The programme begins in August.

    Apply online through The application portal opens on 1 February every year.

    Fill in the application form and upload any relevant documentation to 

    Please note that applicants applying without a Danish Civil registration number must send a signature page from by email to before 15 March at 12:00 noon.

    The area code for the programme is 79465. 

    Application deadlines

    15 March, 12:00 noon

    • All international applicants
    • International and Danish applicants applying on the basis of a vocational education
    • Danish applicants applying on the basis of an international or foreign entry qualification
    • Danish quota 2 applicants and applicants applying for any kind of exemption

    5 July, 12:00 noon

    • Only Danish quota 1 applicants

    Fee for Non-EU applicants

    Applicants from outside of the EU/EAA who do not hold a valid Danish residence permit, are required to pay a 100 euro application fee before their applications can be processed. The fee is to be paid at the time of application.

    Please visit the Admission site for further information about how to apply, the application fee, residence and work permits and how to follow your application. 

  • Fees and tuition

    Here you can get information about application and tuition fees.

    Tuition is free if you are:

    • A citizen of Denmark
    • A citizen of a country that is a full member of the EU
    • A citizen of Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein (EEA countries)
    • A refugee/immigrant living in Denmark and with a permanent residence permit issued in Denmark.

    All other students are obliged to pay tuition fees.

    The total fee for the entire programme is EUR 22,000 corresponding to:

    • Semesters 1, 2 and 3: EUR 6,000 per semester.
    • Semester 4: EUR 4,000.

    Application fee

    Application is free if you are from a country that is member of the EU. Applicants from all other countries are required to pay an application fee of 100 euro. The application fee must be paid in full when applying for the programme.

    Learn more about the application fee and how to pay 

    Overview of fees and terms of payment

    Please click the link Payment schedule and Terms of Payment to see the payment deadlines:

    You must be current with payments in order to get access to the first semester of the programme.

    The prices are fixed for the official duration of your study programme. If you exceed the official duration of the study programme, any following semester payments will correspond to the tuition fee at that time.

    VIA University College reserves the right to change tuition fees every year in October or whenever conditions necessitate such changes.

    If a tuition fee is required, you will always be invoiced directly from VIA University College. No partners are entitled to charge fees on behalf of our institution.

    If you are asked for additional payments by a VIA University College partner, please let us know.

    Terms and agreements

    Terms and agreements between partners and VIA UC can be seen in the contracts under:

    When applying for a visa, remember to include a copy of your admissions letter.

  • Internship

    Your internship teaches you things you can’t learn in a classroom.

    Experience the business world

    Doing a internship is a great way to get first-hand work experience and to gain access to the best graduate jobs.

    This will allow you to apply theory to real-world business tasks and to practice a number of valuable skills.


    You will benefit from working in a real-life environment and gain professional experience of relevance to your future career as a Marketing Manager.

    Yet another advantage is that it improves your employability skills, as work-readiness is of top priority to employers when they look for graduates to fill vacancies.

    The internship has a dual purpose. You will get to know what your professional future is all about while you are still preparing for it, and you will get good contacts with employers within the field of your study.

    Where to go?

    You may do the internship in a company of your choice in Denmark or abroad.


    Your internship will be between three and five months, depending on whether you decide to write your final project in cooperation with the company.

    Further information:
    Students on work placement (pdf)

  • Career guidance

    As a graduate, you can look forward to excellent employment prospects worldwide.

    The hallmark of this programme is its international focus and the inter-disciplinary skills you will learn, which will make you attractive to a wide range of companies.

    Help for your future career

    The Career Service Centre at VIA Campus Horsens helps your transition from being a student to being part of the business world.

    The centre offers advice about your options. It can give you some good guidelines about salary, and organises Company Dating, where students and companies meet each other in an informal way.

    Further education

    When you have completed the Academy Profession Degree in Marketing Management Programme, you will have excellent opportunities for further education.

    The Academy Profession Degree provides direct access to:
    The Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Programme.

    Furthermore, graduates may enroll in other bachelor programmes in Denmark and abroad, reducing their total study time through credit transfer agreements.  

  • International opportunities

    A study abroad experience provides global insight and perspective.

    To enrich the study experience and nurture cultural diversity on campus, we welcome foreign students from partner institutions.

    VIA University College has cooperation agreements with approximately 200 institutions in 33 countries in Europe as well as overseas.

    You may choose to do your internship in an international company in another part of the world. This will give you the opportunity to experience the way of life in another culture.

    Today's business world is a global marketplace, and having international work experience can enhance your CV.

  • Student counselling

    Need help before applying?

    The student counsellor can help you with questions about various VIA study programmes within technology and business, admissions requirements, selection criteria and admissions procedures.

    Contact our student counsellors' office Monday - Thursday 09:00-13:00 and Friday 10:00-12:00 at:

    or text/call:
    T: +45 87 55 43 20 


  • Contact

    You are always welcome to contact us.

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