Communication and Media Strategy

Specialisation within the Design & Business programme

Learn to design and implement communication campaigns for different stakeholders, including target groups, employees, investor relations, and the press. Gain insight into the latest forms of communication and media and learn how to convey your message.

About the programme

  • Content

    Learn how to convey messages in an interesting and relevant way versioned for different media.

    Communication & Media Strategy is an area of specialisation on the Bachelor top-up degree programme and is located in Herning.

    The speciality qualifies you to work professionally with communication within the fashion and lifestyle industry. You will acquire skills to independently design and manage the company's communication strategy. You will learn about the latest trends in communications and media, and will be able to convey messages in an interesting and relevant way versioned for different media - online as well as offline. 

    You will also learn how to work with the company’s website and its various social media channels as well as how to write compelling messages. You will be able to confidently navigate and manage the strategies defined for different social media channels, an area that increasingly plays a major part in many companies’ communication strategies.

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  • Career Guidance

    Become the company's key person when it comes to communication. 
    With a BA top-up in Communication & Media Strategy, you will have the skills to carry out different tasks within the field of communication – both strategic communication and practical daily communication.

    Strategically, you will be able to identify communication gaps and potential and design relevant messages for the different stakeholders, as well as choosing appropriate media channels. 

    Apart from developing communication strategies, you will also be able to produce various communication-oriented products, such as press releases and other texts for different media channels. After you have finished your degree, you will be able to work broadly with communication or specialise in a job where you are responsible for a company’s website or its social media strategy. 

    Further education 

    We have partners at universities in Holland, England, and Scotland. However, there are different requirements for admission to the universities and you may get credit for your present education. If you wish to continue studying after you complete this programme, please contact our student counselling or the student counsellor at the university for which you wish to apply. 

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