Aims and learning outcome

The semester includes both practical and theoretical aspects. Students will work in different cross professional relationships with a focus on the process as well as the product.

During the semester students will work in different cross professional relationships with a focus on the process.

Aims of the semester

  • To explore the possibilities of animation as a method of learning to develop children's and young people's skills and competencies. 
  • To acquire basic animation skills and learn the processes behind an animated film
  • To obtain experience in the social education uses of animation through placement in various institutions
  • To widen their theoretical knowledge of educational and learning approaches
  • To understand and use knowledge about strength of co-creation between different professionals

Learning outcomes

  • Basic knowledge of how to produce an animated film using different techniques, such as claymation, cutout and pixilation
  • Based on their own productions, students can explain aesthetic and creative learning processes and their importance regarding to development and value creation for a selected group of children and young people.
  • Students can plan, carry out, document and evaluate specific processes involving animation as a form of expression and method
  • Students can identify and analyse opportunities and barriers in co-creation processes with other professions and with selected target groups
  • Students can manage processes focusing in particular on development, positive change, and social value creation