Hear what our students think about the exchange programme New Screens Experience and which projects they have developed. 

Katrin Bünker 

It feels like we’re one big family sailing in a boat of creativity.

The teachers engage us in dialogue. They respect us and show a genuine interest in who we are.

We learn a lot from them and from our fellow students.

Emma Sennels and Ditte Zebitz

Our teachers encourage us to explore new ways of applying technology to storytelling and our fellow students are open to experimenting.

It’s a very inspiring environment and so much more than just a school; It feels like anything is possible here. 

Jonas Kimiaghalam

We used three large screens to project a lyrical story in a darkened showroom which seated 10 people on the floor for each screening to create an intimate atmosphere. We wrote, shot and directed the film, built the screens and organized the screening.

The idea was to create an immersive music-video experience and to experiment with the perception of multiscreen content. A must-go event that was SoMe-spreadable and made the band stand out.

Allessandra Sconza

We apply theory to practical projects every day.

It’s a hands-on course, which help you remember everything you learn.

It sticks with you, I’m not going to forget anything.

Signe Ungermand and Maria Engermann

We created a hybrid cinematic virtual reality installation called Separate Silences. Being a human driven experience, it allowed anything that happened on the virtual body to also happen on our audiences’ corporal body, stimulating senses beyond sight and sound.

Separate Silences has gained national and international attention, premiering at Cannes, Venice and Luxembourg Film Festival.