Follow your application on VIA's Admissions Portal

When you apply for one of VIA's programmes, you can follow the status of your application on VIA's Admissions Portal.

To give you the best overview of our process regarding your application, you can follow the status of your application on VIA’s Admissions Portal. 

You will also receive messages regarding your application from VIA through the Admissions Portal. Furthermore, you can contact us with questions and comments regarding the processing of your applications for admission to VIA. 

All communication regarding applications for admission to programmes in VIA will be processed through the Admissions Portal. You will receive a notification through the e-mail address that you used when you applied for admission. 

As an applicant, it is your responsibility to keep yourself orientated through the Admissions Portal and to deal with any and all messages which VIA sends you through the portal. 

The portal opens every year at the beginning of March, and you will receive an automatic welcome e-mail. You will find the Admissions Portal at