Meet the students at Health Summer School

More than 50 students from all over the world each year participate in the International Health Summer School at VIA University College. Meet some of the students who talk about their experience and how they can use the knowledge from summer school in their field of study.

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Ann Christin

Ann-Christin Lindenau

Germany, Nutrition & Health

“The practical visits to the nursing homes were very interesting, and it was impressive to see the caregiving philosophy in practice. I can now picture myself working in an institution like that in the future. I also like the fact that VIA offers overlapping courses between the different fields of study. This way, the different professions learn to work together as they are supposed to in their future work lives.”
Adam Mcmurray

Adam McMurray

Ireland, Engineering

“My field of study is engineering, so I am focused on how I can develop technology to improve healthcare practices. During this course I have learned that it is important for engineers to work together with other professions such as nurses, occupational therapists, radiologists, etc., in order to get a broader knowledge.”
Ingrid Festø

Ingrid Festøe

Norway, Occupational therapy

“I think the theme for this Health Summer School is relevant to many different educations, since dementia is an international illness. It is important for everyone to know about the technological possibilities. The classes here have been exciting, and I would definitely recommend it to my class mates.”
Ruan Xuelei

Ruan Xuelei

China, Nursing

“Being here, I have learned a lot about welfare technology and personal care in relation to dementia. I think these topics are very useful and meaningful. The education that VIA University has given us is professional, and I am really impressed by the technology that we have seen in the nursing homes.”

Sumaio Mohamed

Sumaio Mohamed

Denmark, Radiography

”The summer school is very well organized, and I gained a lot from it. I got to see the caring aspect from different angles and I have a better impression of how the sector works and how the educations work together.“