Georgia Sing is an exchange student at VIA Nursing in Denmark

Georgia Sing is an exchange student at VIA Nursing in Denmark

Georgia Sing

Home country: Australia
Study start: August 2015

Georgia Sing is an exchange student at VIA Nursing in Denmark

1) Why have you chosen VIA Nursing exchange programme?

I have always had an interest in studying abroad. At orientation day for Deakin, I found out about studying abroad and wanted to do it ever since.
I thought it would be a great opportunity, and I love experiencing other countries and cultures. I believed it would help to broaden my global knowledge of the healthcare system, get a feel for living in another country and meeting people from all over the world.

2) What do you think of the programme?

It’s a great programme. The way the semester is laid out works really well. We study each unit separately, instead of all at the same time, and I prefer it this way. It seems to take the workload off, and is not as stressful. We have a lot of time to travel and explore other close-by countries during the semester.

The teachers are all very helpful and have gotten to know everyone on a first-name basis. They are always willing to help us with anything we need. We have even been given the opportunity to attend dinner at some of the teacher’s houses and experience their Danish cuisine and way of living. They are so welcoming.

Our classroom is the same every day, with the same students. There are people from multiple countries, and it’s interesting in tutorials to hear about the difference between countries and healthcare.

Clinical placement was a bit of a disappointment as some students were given a more clinical experience and gained more knowledge than others. It was unfair for some students, including myself and perhaps something can be changed in the future in relation to clinical placements. The language barrier on clinical was quite difficult as many patients did not speak English, but this is expected, and it was helpful to get the knowledge to overcome that language barrier, and I learnt ways of communicating in other ways.

3) What do you think of Denmark?

Denmark is a beautiful country. The people are lovely and most of them speak very good English. There are many places to visit and there is a larger city, Aarhus, close to us that is a great place to visit on weekends. Denmark is quite small, making it easy to get from place to place. Viborg, where we live, is a small town, but it is stunning, and a wonderful place to study. It’s really handy to live here, as we are close to all the shops and supermarkets, and everything is within walking distance.

Public transport in Denmark can be expensive. All of us here have bought ‘wildcards’ on the DSB transport app, which gives you a 50% discount on all trains in Denmark. I highly recommend everyone to buy one when they come here to study, because we have saved a lot of money with the app. I am always making sure to compare train prices with bus prices. If you do your research, you can find the cheapest transport deals.

Food prices are about the same as in Australia. If you love your coffee, unfortunately it costs about $6 AUD for a nice coffee in Denmark. I have had to turn to instant coffee for four months. It’s not the same, but has the same effect.

Viborg, where we live, is a small town, but it is stunning, and a wonderful place to study

4) What is the biggest cultural difference for you?

There’s not a big cultural difference. The main difference is just getting past the language barrier. Their culture is similar to Australia though. Although, you are expected to shake hands, whether man or woman, with everyone you meet. It is their way of greeting people.

5) What is your dream job(s)?

At the moment, I am unsure of what path I want to take. I would like to do nursing in a hospital setting to start with, hopefully something busy, such as emergency nursing. I would love to work in different countries, and help those in third world countries as well who are less fortunate with their health care. There are so any different pathways with nursing, so I will take it one step at a time, and see where it leads me.