I have more opportunities to choose from

- I chose this master’s programme because the professional content fit well with my plans to work with development and management. 

I also wanted a programme that was internationally approved and practically oriented enough so I could travel with it. I completed the first year of the masters while my husband and I lived in Australia. The strength of this programme is that it goes both broad and deep with the various topics. 

Today I feel very well-oriented about what type of international literature can be found in the field of health science. I have also learned to build up large projects and how to do a research project as a final assignment. It feels great to have completed something so big and to know that I can definitely do it again. 

The programme has given me a sense of working discipline, and a systematic and analytic approach, that I use every day. 

What I got out of it personally is that the master’s has given me the freedom to work with what interests me most. From a career sense, I have more opportunities to choose from. 

Heidi Maarbjerg Rasmussen
Quality co-ordinator at Aarhus Hospital