Meet Andrzej Stupakowski from Poland

Graduate of Mechanical Engineering

Meet Andrzej

One of the best things one can experience while studying in Denmark is completely free, high-level education and a very international community

Why did you choose to study in Denmark?

I chose to study in Denmark to have better and easier access to an international community and engineering companies. Denmark’s largest export is know-how and knowledge and therefore it is a wonderful place for anyone who is interested in engineering.

The best things about living and working in Denmark: 

One of the best things one can experience while studying in Denmark is completely free, high-level education and a very international community. Denmark also has a very informal culture, which eases the communication and helps to overcome barriers. Danes are easy-going and nice, but at same time very professional people.

My job

I work as a project engineer in DIS (Dansk Ingeniør Service/Danish Engineering Services) in the Calculation Team. My responsibilities cover calculations of mechanical and mechatronic systems in general. My main tasks are to validate the structural integrity of various systems using Finite Element Method and to design components in CAD programs.

How I got my job

I got a job at DIS already during my studies. At the 5th semester, I was admitted to a 6 months long internship, an integral part of a VIA education. The internship was not only well-paid, but I was also treated on the same level as other, more experienced engineers, which helped me boost my skills and confidence, while building my professional network. After the internship, I was employed as a student assistant and then a project engineer after graduation.

What I like about my job

DIS is a consulting company, which means that I get the chance to work with diverse portfolio projects for customers throughout Europe and the United States and therefore, I can challenge myself in different engineering areas.

My advice

Studying in Denmark will be probably the most beautiful adventure of your life and definitely a life-changer. Remember to use this time wisely. Studying is so much more than just attending classes. Studying is first setting personal goals and then accomplishing them step-by-step, building your personal brand. Be proactive during your studies, be curious and try to engage yourself in additional activities. Do not be afraid to fail. Focus on learning objectives, not only results – they will come in time. Use every moment to learn something new, to challenge yourself. Continue to be a student even after graduation.

My inspirations

There is nothing more inspirational to me than other people, their stories, thoughts and competences. I was lucky enough to meet many wonderful human beings in my life. Many of them I met at VIA and at my workplace. They had a major impact on my personal and professional development. Finding role models in many of them helped me to define my ambitions, goals, and desired competences.