Meet Ramona Plaude from Latvia

Graduate of Value Chain Management

Ramona Plauda

The best thing about living and working in Denmark

It was a bit random that I ended up in Denmark - I was looking for studying opportunities abroad and my Google search listed Denmark first. After reading about the study culture and experience of other students, I set my mind on coming here. 
- And I am happy that I did! In my experience, the best things about living and working in Denmark is the equality between people, whether it is at school or work. Teachers and managers are very approachable and open to feedback. Teamwork and collaboration is highly valued, people are kind and friendly.

My job

I am working at SR Pack as a project manager within the area of Strategy & Development. My main responsibilities include managing and moving forward different projects that are designed to improve internal processes in the company. This includes developing and implementing the Strategy Plan, creating and implementing different tools and leading meetings and sessions.

How I got my job

I got the job at SR Pack after doing my bachelor thesis for SR Pack during my Value Chain Management studies at VIA. After presenting it to the company, they decided that they wanted to implement changes discussed in the thesis. Therefore, they hired me to make it happen. What started as a temporary position led to full time employment in the position I have today.

Be prepared that starting your life in Denmark might be very hard, financially and socially, but after you do, you will have endless opportunities

What I like about my job

The level of responsibility and flexibility is great. I can manage my own work, and it is not a routine job. Of course, I also spend a lot of time at the computer, but I also get to do presentations, lead meetings and sessions and talk to the employees. In addition, there are great learning opportunities. 

My inspirations

Seeing active people following their passions, who not only manage to accomplish a lot by being determined and working hard, but also to help others gives me a lot of motivation to become the best version of myself. In time, I would like to work within sustainable energy to help to save the environment and boost economy in rural regions.