Meet Leona Berengo from Germany

Full-time degree student of Global Business Engineering

 Leona Berengo 

What's it like to study at VIA University College? 

Many things surprised me about studying in Denmark. In less than a year, I got to know people from more than 100 different countries in a city I had never before heard of, which is way more than I did in my entire life in Hamburg. Another thing was that teachers are called by their first names. This and the small-sized classes creates a relaxed learning environment.

I discovered VIA University College due to a lucky coincidence, and today I study Global Business Engineering. I love the diversity of the subjects it offers combining both engineering courses with language and business courses.

How would you describe the teaching style?

One aspect I both love and hate about studying at VIA is the amount of group work we have. The projects I have worked on so far have helped me grow by learning a lot about myself and other people and although is very tough sometimes, I feel like this is exactly the preparation I need so that I can add value to future projects.

My advice for new students

  • Be ready to take responsibility for your own learning. In Denmark, lecturers expect all students to play an active role from the very beginning and we are encouraged to ask questions about topics we find interesting.
  • Pack a raincoat because it does rain a lot but life in Denmark goes on regardless.
  • Have some savings for your first time here, as you will be busy making new friends, getting to know the city and figuring out how things at university work.