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Independence in learning, personal responsibility and freedom characterise the student experience at VIA

Student life at VIA

  • Denmark as a host country

    Trust, community, happiness and hygge define Danish culture. 

    Although the weather can be a challenge for some, Denmark ranks high in global surveys on liveability and happiness. It is one of the world’s safest and least corrupt countries, whose core values include personal freedom, equality and respect for the community.

    Once you arrive in Denmark, you will probably notice not only many people on bikes, but also a relaxed atmosphere where things generally run smoothly. Hygge and a strong belief in work-life balance are some of the reasons why Denmark continues to rank among the world’s happiest countries and why it is the perfect host country.

    For more information on living in Denmark, such as examples of a student budget, check out our pre-arrival guide  or visit the official Denmark website to learn more about the people and culture.


  • Our campuses

    Eight campuses with strong academic environments and variety of leisure activities.

    Our programmes are located at eight campuses throughout western Denmark. Each campus is either newly built or newly renovated and offers modern facilities for our students.

    You can learn more about housing options, amenities and facilities and the local surroundings of each campus by choosing your study location from the list below:


    Aarhus C
    Aarhus N

  • International study environment

    The international environment at VIA is a great platform for intercultural understanding.

    Every year, around 3,500 international students from more than 60 different countries attend exchange or full degree programmes at one of our eight campuses.

    Having an international study environment is important at VIA, as it is a way for both Danish and international students to obtain a wider understanding and knowledge of the different cultures of the world, which is invaluable to preparing our students for careers in which flexibility and cultural awareness are of great value to future employers.

    By working and socialising with students from all over the world, an international outlook becomes a natural and integrated part of all of our students’ daily lives.

    Many of our campus cities also offer a variety of services and activities for international students to help support both the international environment and the students during their stay in Denmark. Learn more by following the links below:

    Aarhus C
    Aarhus N




  • Student organisations

    The well-being of our students and ensuring a great study environment are top priorities.

    At each of our campuses, there is a student council or social community responsible for improving the quality of your student life and study environment. A variety of social activities and events are available on campus along with professional courses. 

    While some of our campuses have their own sports club, Denmark offers almost 16,000 in total, as the Danes are very involved in leisure activities. There is a club for almost any kind of sport, and we therefore encourage our students to become involved in a local sports club to make new friends and grow their network while pursuing their interests. Learn more about Danish clubs and associations here. 

    At VIA, we are also very aware of ensuring the well-being of all students. We know that there can be many challenges involved with studying and living in another country, where the culture and teaching methods may differ from those you are used to. Therefore, all our campuses work with external partners, such as headspace or The Student Counselling Service, which students can visit to talk about absolutely anything as no problem is too big or too small.




  • Meet our students

    Are you wondering what it is like to study in Denmark and at VIA? Our international students are ready to guide you.

    Getting a student point of view can be an important part of making the final decision to study abroad. Therefore, we have asked our international students why they came to Denmark, what it is like to study at VIA and much, much more. Get their tips and advice here.

    You can also chat with current international full degree students at VIA on Facebook and learn more about their programmes and everyday lives. Find them here. 


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