From TEKO to VIA

Female student sews
The programmes in Herning have a long history, beginning in 1944.

The educational programmes at Campus Herning have roots going back to 1944, when Midtjysk Textile School trained staff for the textile industry. 

As the textile industry grew, the training needs changed. That resulted in a group of enterprising and forward-thinking business people in Herning coming together and engaging with the industry’s school in Copenhagen in the mid-60s. 

In 1968 the Danish Konfektions and Trikotageskole (Clothing Production and Hoisery School) opened in Herning, and the educational programme was therefore named TEKO. 

Art in the surroundings 

Shirt manufacturer and art collector Aage Damgaard from Herning was one of the anchor men, when the Danish Konfektions and Trikotageskole was established. His great interest in art led him to involve artists in the design and layout of the school buildings. 

Poul Gadegaard and Carl-Henning Pedersen were involved in the school's first year, but the tradition of letting artists participate actively in the design of buildings and premises continues even today. In 1998 the artist Tonny Horning helped to shape a brand new building and in 2004 Henrik Plenge decorated an existing building. 

An international labour market 

The educational assignments have changed dramatically over time. For many years, we serviced the Danish clothing industry with qualified labour, but when Danish textile businesses began to move jobs abroad, we had to change our range of educational programmes. 

We therefore developed furniture, fashion and lifestyle educational programmes to match the demands of business both nationally and internationally. 

Merging with VIA University College 

In 2009, TEKO became a part of VIA University College. 

As Scandinavia's largest educational institution for the fashion and lifestyle industry, VIA offers Danish and English-language programmes in design, purchasing and marketing. 

Today, about 1,400 students, 400 of whom are international, and about 140 faculty members spend their days in the exciting and inspiring buildings in Herning.