Holstebro is a lively student town

Campus Holstebro is a modern educational institution with health professional, social educational, social science and technical programmes. Students here have great opportunities for social and professional networking.

About Campus Holstebro

  • Facts

    Programmes in Danish 

     Additional activities 

    • Continuing education 
    • Holstebro Center for Welfare Methods

    Key figures 

    • Number of students: 2000 
    • Number of international students: 50 
    • Number of employees: 200

    Campus Holstebro is a campus with many specialisations and a wide variety of Danish-language programmes. International students are also on the campus for short periods of study.

  • Facilities

    The student environment at Campus Holstebro is characterised by light, modern buildings with good facilities.

    We offer a multi-faceted study environment containing:

    • A canteen that serves healthy and tasty food in a clean atmosphere 
    • A library with books for every educational programme and access to a number of electronic publications 
    • A gym and other sports facilities 
    • Music rooms 
    • Class rooms 
    • Group rooms, workshops and copy machines and print areas 
    • A shop where you can purchase books and materials for your education as well as a limited selection of clothes and gift items carrying the VIA-logo 
    • Advanced IT solutions 
    • VIA Student Incubator, if you want to work with innovation and/or your own company 
    • Opportunity for consultations with the student priest
    • Career Service Centre - The primary task of Career Service Centre is to establish and strengthen cooperation between VIA students and businesses in a wide range of industries. Read more about Career Service Centre.
  • Activities

    Students at Campus Holstebro have great opportunities for activities on the side of their studies.

    The students and the campus leadership offer a number of activities to improve student life on Campus Holstebro and to give you a chance to get to know your fellow students:

    • Activity day in September – sports and other fun activities 
    • Friday bar meet-ups twice a month 
    • Parties 
    • The students' house (Café Stud) with pool table, table football, WII, a kitchen and sofa groups 
    • Courses on preventing examination anxiety 
    • Reading courses 
    • Student counselling, where you can receive help solving a variety of personal problems 
    • Opportunity to borrow video cameras, digital cameras, camera stands, etc. 
    • Other events 

    Using your student card, you have access to the campus outside of class hours.

  • VIA Student Incubator

    Students at VIA learn how to develop and carry out new ideas and projects.

    At VIA Student Incubator, students work with innovation and entrepreneurship. They learn how to develop and generate new ideas and projects.   

    This can be the student’s own ideas or external projects being carried out in co-operation with local institutions and companies, municipalities or regions.


    Sebastian Landgren
    T: +45 87 55 23 70
    E: sl@via.dk

    Read more about VIA Student Incubator

  • Housing

    As a student at VIA in Holstebro, you can find housing at a variety of price ranges.

    Go to our housing page to read more about the specific options in Holstebro.

  • Transportation

    There are many ways to get to Campus Holstebro, and the parking conditions are good. 

    Holstebro train station and Holstebro bus station are only 800 meters from campus, and the busses run from the station to the campus every day.

    You can use Rejseplanen to plan your trip. 

    There is free parking on Campus Holstebro, with 550 parking spaces available. 

    If you plan to study in Holstebro/Denmark and want to bring your own car, please note the rules and regulations

    Find Campus Holstebro on Google Maps

  • Contact

    You are always welcome
    to contact us at Campus Holstebro.

    VIA University College
    Campus Holstebro
    Gl. Struervej 1
    DK-7500 Holstebro 

    T: +45 87 55 00 30
    E: holstebro@via.dk

    Phone hours

    Monday-Thursday 07:30-15:30
    Friday 07:30-14:30 

    Opening hours 

    Monday-Friday 07:00-17:00
    From 17:00-07:00 the facilities are open to people with key cards.

    Find us on Google Maps.

Get inspired

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Holstebro: culture and nature

Holstebro is known for its art scene and it is situated close to the sea, fjords and nature.

Dialogue and teaching

Teaching style in Denmark

At VIA we use dialogue based teaching and encourage our students to actively participate in lectures.


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