Study activities in VIA's educational programmes

A study activity model shows examples of the study activities and learning forms that students can expect at VIA’s educational programmes. The model makes it possible for lecturers and students to balance their expectations.

Together with the other Danish university colleges, VIA has developed a study activity model.  In the study activity model, four categories of study activities are described. Each category contains the overall responsibilities and roles of students and lecturers, and it has examples of concrete study activities that the student may meet during his/her studies.

Students at a professional bachelor's study programme will for example come across study activities such as classroom teaching, lectures, group- and project work, presentations, preparation, home assignments, observation work, laboratory training, workshops, theme days, collaboration with practise, internship etc. 

The study activity model has three purposes:

  1. The model visualises the fact that the study activities as a whole constitute a full time educational programme
  2. The model shows that a professional bachelor's study programme contains different types of study activities
  3. The model forms the base of communication and balancing of expectations between student and lecturer when it comes to study intensity and roles and responsibilities in connection with the various study activities

The study intensity is a measure of the collected time a full time student is expected to use on her/his studies. At VIA, a full time student is expected to use at least 1,650 hours annually on studies.  

Each study programme develops own study activity models

The educators and lecturers at VIA develop study programmes and education corresponding to the goals of the programme and plan teaching-, study- and learning activities. The educators and lecturers presents the activities in the study activity model and thus visualise the expectations for the study activities of the student at a given semester or module in the programme.

The content of the study activity model and expectations for the student's study efforts changes over the course of the study programme.

Study activity models for individual study programmes are available at VIA's internal study net.

Students have an influence on the planning and organisation of their study programme and is obligated to participate actively and full time.

Below is an example of a study activity model for a hypothetical semester.

The study activity model