Housing in Aarhus 

Find inspiration on where to look for housing here. Please consult the websites for more information on prices, availability etc. and be aware and critical of scams.


We encourage students to look for housing as soon as possible, however, please do not sign up for anything until you have received an official confirmation letter that your course is being held.

  • Basecamp Aarhus

    Basecamp Aarhus offers a variety of rooms to fit your needs.  All rooms are fully furnished and you have full access to the gym, laundry, cinema, co-working spaces, kitchen and wifi.

    The apartments are located in close proximity to the city center. The team at Basecamp provides support when you need it and arranges a variety of events for students where you have the opportunity to network, build skills and have fun.

    Basecamp Aarhus usually only offers stays of at least three months but has made an exception to let VIA Summer School students stay for one month. Please contact summerschool@via.dk if you wish to stay at Basecamp.

    For questions about facilities, prices etc. contact Basecamp Aarhus aarhus@basecampstudent.com 

    Athome apartments

    Athome apartments offers accommodation in Skejby, North of the city center.

    As a VIA Summer School student, you can get a discounted price of 2250,- DKK per week plus a mandatory cleaning fee of 995,- DKK for a one-room apartment.

    Be aware that the apartments are located app. 6 km from campus and are placed in an industrial area. The light rail departs frequently from the apartment complex, and the trip is 20 minutes on top of a 15 minute walk from the train station to campus.

    Downtown Aarhus

    If you are looking for a two-room apartment along with a fellow student, Downtown Aarhus offers two-room apartments for approx. 13.000,- DKK on Dalgas Avenue placed right in the middle of the city center on one side and nature and the ocean on the other side.

  • Danhostel

    Danhostel is located in the heart of Aarhus with its famous attractions, cafés and boutiques right around the corner. The hostel is within walking distance from campus. Choose between one-room apartments or beds in shared rooms. 

    Students benefit from a 10% discount. Contact info@danhostelcity.dk for more information.


    Budget hotel right by the train station.

    More inspiration here

  • Below are some examples of portals for rented apartments. Most are long-term leases and not furnished so please be thorough in your research.


    Book a room with a private landlord


  • Try searching for the below groups on Facebook. Some are in Danish, but often used by internationals. 

    Housing in Aarhus
    Fremleje af studieboliger i Aarhus (subletting of student accommodation in Aarhus)
    Lejligheder til salg og leje i Aarhus (apartments for sale and rent in Aarhus)