Multi Storey Timber Construction - Low Carbon Building Design

Are you concered with climate change?
Would you like to know about "Low Carbon Building Design"? 
Would you like to know about Life Cycle Analysis of Building Materials?
Do you fancy studying with other international students? 
Would you like to improve your team work skills? 

Are you intrigued by the above questions - then this Summer School may just be the course you are looking for! 


Summer School


3 weeks

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Aarhus C

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About the Multi Storey Timber Construction study programme

  • Dates:

    8 August - 26 August 2022


    English - please note that VIA University College requires students attending VIA Summer School to be fluent in English. All summer schools requires active participation both orally and in writing. This means students must have an English level of at least B2 (CEFR scale) upon arrival. You can find more information about language requirements here.


    5 ECTS

    Academic level:

    BA level


    This course is designed for students and professionals within construction, engineering or architecture. Students must be at least 18 years old to apply.

    Maximum enrolment:

    Maximum 30 participants. If there are more eligible applicants than available places, they will be distributed according to first-come, first served basis.

    Application deadline:

    The application portal is now closed.


    VIA University College, Campus Aarhus C, Ceresbyen 24, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark


    Thinking about multi-storey timber construction opens up new ways to build innovatively, efficiently and in an environmentally conscious way. The construction industry has become aware of these opportunities and is asking for skills and expertise in order to be able to develop projects within this field.

    During the course, you will be exposed to international state-of-the-art projects, as well as focus on pre-fabrication in the construction process and how to work with wood-based structures such as CLT (cross-laminated timber). In addition, you will specifically study topics of sustainability within construction, as well as the value and advantage of working with multi-storey timber constructions compared to steel-, concrete- or brickwork structures. Structural design, knowledge of fire safety and circular design (design for separation) will be central subjects of the different projects.
    The Summer School will be structured around cases featuring multi-storey timber construction design, which will be processed in teams. The course will finish with the presentation of a final project from each team. 


    Learning outcomes 


    • Obtain a profound understanding of low carbon building design.
    • Understanding complexity of wood-based structures both within the design as well as the implementation stage.
    • Understanding the dynamics and challenges of a design team


    • Ability to make a qualified choice of building materials with respect to low carbon design.
    • Ability to prepare or modify an outline of a multi storey building based on prefabricated low carbon building components.
    • Ability to work systematically in a design team.


    • Acquired competencies of applying sustainable low carbon solutions in building design.
    • Competencies within overall planning, analysis and progress of a low carbon design project.
    • Teamwork and communication in practice. 


    Teaching methods and study activities

    During the course, students will - in groups - develop, qualify, and carry out a modified outline proposal of a multi storey low carbon building. Lecturers will provide specific classes and links to learning resources. The course will include lectures, visits, group work and individual work related to the assignments. It is required and necessary for the student to prepare thoroughly by reading the specified literature and the tasks specified in the lecture plans.



    Oral group examination consisting of a group presentation followed by a discussion between students and examiners. Duration of exam - appr. 60 minutes to groups of 3 or 4 persons or 75 minutes to groups of 5 or 6 persons. Internal examiners are used. Individual grade is based on overall assessment of written group report, presentation and discussion and individual report.

  • All students are required to pay tuition fee for this courses.


    EU-citizens = 4700 DKK

    Non-EU citizens = 9050 DKK

    Course fee includes

    Classes and tuition 
    Social programme including welcome and farewell events (we organise 2-3 events pr. week)
    Goodie bag 
    Electronic graduation certificate

    Accommodation, meals (food and drink), insurance, visa and travelling expenses to and from Denmark are not included in the fee.

    Note: This course is offered under the act of Danish Open University.
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