Information about VIA Summer School

Everything you need to know before your arrival, upon your arrival and during your stay.

Before your arrival

  • Acceptance letters

    Confirmation of acceptance will be sent to all accepted students by email to the email you have used when applying for VIA Summer School. If you need a formal acceptance letter, you can always contact us, and we are happy to assist you with this.

    The selection criteria for VIA Summer School courses are first-come, first-served. You will therefore, if you are qualified for the course you have applied for received your acceptance email as soon as possible after we have assessed your application. Please expect a processing period of approximately 2-4 weeks. If you are a fee-paying student you will only receive your formal acceptance email after you have paid the fee for the course.

    NOTE: All courses offered by VIA Summer School are dependent upon a minimum number of participants. Otherwise VIA University College reserves the right to cancel the course. Accepted applicants will be informed as soon as possible after the deadline 1 April 2024. Please do not enter any cost-commitments (such as visa applications, travel etc.) before you have received written confirmation from VIA Summer School that the course will be arranged, since VIA has no possibility to reimburse costs when courses are cancelled.


    It is your own responsibility to check with the relevant authorities whether you need a visa to enter Denmark. In case you do need a visa, please let us know after being accepted for a course, and we will issue an invitation letter as well as an official acceptance letter. This will only happen after the payment of the course has been done. In case you do not manage to obtain a visa, we only reimburse the course fee, if you cancel your participation at least six weeks in advance. In this case, we will reimburse the course fee.

  • Itslearning

    Itslearning is the Learning Management System at VIA University College. Here you will find information from the lecturer and the system can be used during your course to share information related to your course with the lecturer and the other students. Please remember to check your course(s) in Itslearning as soon as possible after receiving your VIA ID, as some courses might have preparations you need to do before the course starts.

    You will be able to see the syllabus, on-campus location, literature and day to day readings for your course in Itslearning. Please read it carefully. Lecturers expect students to be prepared for the course. Find Itslearning here: Once you receive your VIA ID (VIA identity number) you are able to log into the system. In the top menu, you can find the Help menu - here you can find tutorial videos, you can use to get acquainted with the system. You can always contact us, if you have any questions about the system. Please be aware you can only see your course approximately two weeks before the start date of the course.

  • The easiest way to get to Denmark is by flying and then taking a bus or train to your final destination.

    There are three international airports you can fly to in Denmark:

    • Copenhagen Airport
    • Billund Airport
    • Aarhus Airport

    Billund and Aarhus are the closest to all of our campusses, but Copenhagen is the biggest and you might be able to find cheaper tickets to Copenhagen than the others. 

    From Copenhagen Airport you can find the following connections to Aarhus:

    Connecting flight

    From Billund Airport and Aarhus Airport you can take the bus to Aarhus.

  • Tuition fees

    Fees for courses vary from course to course depending on subject, number of ECTS and the length of the course. Fees for individual courses can be found on the course pages. Fee waivers are available in some cases for students from VIA’s partner universities – see the individual course pages for more information. Only the tuition fee is included in the course fee and all other expenses such as travels, accommodation, meals, books and pocket money is at the student's own expense.


    In case we cancel a course due to insufficient number of applicants all students registered for this course, will be given the opportunity to join another course. In case a student does not wish to join another course, we will reimburse the full amount paid for the course.

    If a student cancels his/her participation in a course, we reimburse the course fee, if the cancellation happens at least six weeks before the course starts.

    Living expenses

    Denmark is an expensive country – but the standard of living is among the highest in the world. However, if you are sensible and follow local habits and economise – such as cycling to and from university and eating at home – life in Denmark should not blow your budget.

    Here are some cost examples to give you an idea of the price level in Denmark:

    Purchase of second-hand bicycle: 250-1,000 DKK

    Dining out: 200-300 DKK

    Nightclub entrance: 0-100 DKK

    Beer or a soft drink at a bar/café: 30-50 DKK

    Beer or a soft drink from the supermarket: 5-15 DKK

    Coffee at a café: 30-50 DKK


    The Official Portal for Foreigners »

    Tourist Guide of Aarhus »

    Studenterhus Aarhus »

    The Official Website of Denmark »

    The Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs »

    Study in Denmark »

    VisitDenmark – Danish Tourist Board »

On arrival

  • VIA Summer School expects international guest students to arrive, register and participate in the welcome event scheduled according to your start date.

    Registration for VIA Summer School takes place at:

    VIA University College
    Campus Aarhus C
    Ceresbyen 24
    DK-8000 Aarhus C

  • To be updated

During your stay

  • The VIA Summer School e-mail is open during all of August. Here you can ask all your questions and get help on aspects of your stay with VIA. If you need to  get in touch with us, you can  write to

    Medical emergency

    If you get ill and need to see a doctor, there are two possibilities: 

    From 8-16 contact VIA Summer School help desk/your teacher or buddies, and we will help you identify a local general practitioner. Please remember to bring your EU Health Insurance Card. 

    From 16-8 in the morning, you should call the emergency doctor service T: +45 70 11 31 31 

    If it is an absolute medical emergency, and you need acute medical care then call T: (+45) 112 

    Accidents or theft etc.

    If you experience either an accident or theft then please contact the local police

    T: +45 87 31 14 48



    If you need to get in touch with us, you can also write to

  • The campus is spread over five buildings on a total of 46,000 square meters right in the centre of Aarhus. 

    Campus Aarhus C contains

    • Hundreds of spacious teaching and classrooms with the newest technical equipment 
    • Large and bright auditoriums for lectures and speeches 
    • Practice rooms for dance and other forms of movement and with the latest sports equipment 
    • Stages for theatre performances and concerts 
    • A roof top terrace with a basketball/football court with a view of the internationally-famous Aarhus Art Museum, Aarhus City Hall and the rest of downtown Aarhus. 
    • Lots of sofa areas for group work and social time plus open environments with high ceilings and big windows to let in the sun 
    • A canteen with good, healthy food 
    • A well-equipped library with space for academic immersion 

    Study in the centre of Aarhus 

    The campus is located in the centre of Aarhus with outdoor areas near the river. It is within walking distance to the railway station and bus station.

    Wifi on campus

    VIAs wireless network for students, employees and other users is called 'VIA'. You need to use your VIA ID and your password for VIA's systems to log on.
    The user manual applies to students and external users on locations with access to the wireless network "VIA".

    The user manual can be found here.

  • As you will soon find out, Danes are very fond of bicycles. However, the local bus network is well developed and the yellow city buses will take you all over the city. We also have the new light rail that runs from the city centre to the hospital in the outskirts of the city.

    Rent a bike

    It is possible to rent a bicycle for a shorter stay in Aarhus: Friis Cykler Phone: +45 86 16 65 05 The shops are located close to campus. The price for renting a bike varies depending on the length from 60 DKK for one day up to 400 DKK for 2 weeks (excluding deposit on 500 DKK). You can find prices here.

    450 free city bikes in Aarhus

    City Bikes – an alternative method of transportation in Aarhus. The idea behind the free city bike arrangement in Aarhus is to establish an alternative method of transportation for the city’s citizens and the many tourists who visit Aarhus every year. For the benefit of the users, the city, and the environment. The city bikes will be released from one of the 56 city bike parking racks by depositing a 20-kroner coin, which will be returned when the bike is returned by the same principle as the shopping carts of the super markets.

    The local bus system and the light rail

    The city bus network of Aarhus is well developed. The yellow city buses can take you all over the city – from 05:00 to 00:00. There are also night buses on Fridays and Saturdays. Midttrafik is the bus company that runs the yellow buses and on their website you will find the timetables for the different bus routes. One-way tickets can be bought from a ticket machine in the bus from DKK 22 or via the Midttrafik app.

    It is also possible to ride the new light rail train. The light rail ticketing works the same way as in the buses and you can also use the Midttrafik app for it.

  • On campus

    The obvious choice when you are on campus is the canteen on campus. It offers a vide selection of good and healthy food - both hot and cold dishes, as well as hot and cold drinks and sweets.

    There are also a number of cafes and food outlets near campus for you to buy your meals from during the day.

    If you choose to do lunch ‘the Danish way’, then make your lunch at home and bring it to class. There are plenty of supermarkets throughout our cities for you to buy all the ingredients needed for a delicious packed lunch.

    Cook on your own

    There are a large number of supermarkets all over Aarhus for you to do your daily groceries and cook your own breakfast, dinner, snacks etc.
    The supermarkets vary in price, and the discount options are:

    • Netto
    • Fakta
    • LIDL
    • Aldi
    • Rema 1000

    They offer the same selection of basic food and household cleaning items as the other stores but at a lower price. If you want a larger selection of food (specialities) and other items, you should go to one of the bigger (and sometimes more expensive) supermarkets:

    • Kvickly
    • Føtex
    • Bilka
    • Super Brugsen

    Go out

    You can also choose to go out and eat. There are a number of restaurants and cafes in Aarhus. They cater to all budgets and tastes. You can find more information here.

    Another option is to visit one of the food markets, that has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. They offer a huge selection and variety of budget friendly meals and drinks.