Practical information about VIA Summer School

  • Dates, arrival and opening hours

    We expect all students to arrive in due time before the course

    VIA Summer School expects international guest students to arrive, register and participate in the introduction day scheduled according to your start date:

    Arrival and registration takes place at:

    VIA University College
    Campus Aarhus C
    Ceresbyen 24 
    DK-8000 Aarhus C

    The opening hours for the helpdesk are as follows:

    2 July-9 July, 9am-3pm on all weekdays

    9 July-30 July, 10am-1pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    30 July-6 August, 9am-3pm on all weekdays

    7 August-25 August, 10am-1pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    The dates for the introduction and welcome events are as follows:

     9 July, 12pm-4pm for courses beginning between 2 July and 9 July 2018

    6 August, 12pm-4pm for courses beginning between 30 July and 6 August 2018

  • Location

    VIA Summer School takes place in Aarhus, Denmark

    VIA Summer School will take place in our Aarhus City Campus, which is located in Aarhus city centre. A helpdesk will be open at the venue at selected times (see Dates and Arrivals). There are multiple cafes close by and from which you can buy your lunch. As the VIA Summer School attracts both international and Danish students, the Aarhus City Campus will be filled with students from all over the world. This creates a unique and exciting atmosphere for both academic learning and socialising.

    Some course might take place in other venues, and you can find this information on the individual course pages. We invite all students at VIA Summer School to participate in our social programme if at all possible – even if you are not at the main campus. 

  • Accommodation

    VIA Summer School offers international participants help with finding suitable accommodation

    VIA Summer School assists international summer school students in finding places to stay for the duration of theirs course(s). We have different types of accommodation available to Summer School students:

    Self-catering rooms in dormitories with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities (primarily available in July)
    Price: approx. 1000-1500 DKK per week – prices may vary

    Self-catering rooms in private homes with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities
    The price varies from approx. 1500 DKK per week to 3000 DKK per week.

    Hotel room (single or double – NO twin beds) with breakfast
    Price for a single room
    1 July-5 August: approx. 4000 DKK per week including breakfast
    6 August-31 August: approx. 5600 DKK per week including breakfast

    Price for a double room (NO twin beds)
    1 July-5 August: approx. 5000 DKK per week including breakfast
    6 August-31 August: approx. 6800 DKK per week including breakfast

    When filling out your application for a VIA Summer School course, you will be asked if you wish to apply for accommodation through VIA Summer School and which type of accommodation you would like to apply for. As soon as we know whether or not we are able to offer you a room, we will be sure to inform you.

    Due to the difficult housing situation in Aarhus, we might not be able to find rooms for all applicants. Therefore, you should NOT only rely on being offered housing through VIA Summer School. We advise you to look at options on the private market. The earlier you start looking for accommodation, the easier it will be to find a room. If we are unable to offer you accommodation, we will contact you with information on different options. We will ensure to inform you in due time before your arrival. 

  • Fees and living expenses

    Fees for courses vary. The price for a course can be found on the individual course page

    Tuition fees: Fees for courses vary from course to course depending on subject, number of ECTS and the length of the course. Fees for individual courses can be found on the course pages. Fee waivers and discounts are available in some cases for students from VIA’s partner universities – see the individual course pages for more information. Usually only the tuition fee is included in the course fee and all other expenses such as travels, accommodation, meals, books and pocket money is at the student's own expense.

    Living expenses: Denmark is an expensive country – but the standard of living is among the highest in the world. However, if you are sensible and follow local habits and economise – such as cycling to and from university and eating at home – life in Denmark should not blow your budget.

    Here are some cost examples to give you an idea of the price level in Denmark:

    Purchase of second-hand bicycle: 250-1,000 DKK

    Cinema ticket: 95 DKK

    Dining out: 200 DKK

    Nightclub entrance: 0-100 DKK

    Beer or a soft drink at a bar/café: 30-50 DKK

    Beer or a soft drink from the supermarket: 5-15 DKK

    Coffee at a café: 30-50 DKK

  • Meals

    You can either go to a café or food outlet, or bring your own lunch to class

    There are a number of cafes and food outlets nearby for you to buy your meals from during the day. If you choose to do lunch ‘the Danish way’, then make your lunch at home and bring it to class. There are plenty of supermarkets throughout Aarhus for you to buy all the ingredients needed for a delicious packed lunch.

  • Visa

    You might require a visa to travel to Denmark

    It is your own responsibility to check with the relevant authorities whether you need a visa to enter Denmark, but in case you do, we will automatically send every non-EU citizen an invitation letter. You do not have to ask for this, we send it to you if we can see that you are not an EU citizen. We hope to send them out in week 20 (14 May-18 May).