Social programme at VIA Summer School

VIA Summer School offers a social program along side courses

VIA Summer School will offer a social programme, which will consist of a combination of social and cultural events. Some events will be free of charge, others will be available for a small fee.

The finalised programme will be ready in April/May 2018. Please keep yourself updated via this website. We will make sure to publish information as soon as it becomes available.

Some examples of what might feature on the programme include:

A visit to Aros Art Museum (Aarhus’ famous art museum with the world-famous Your Rainbow Panorama on the roof)

A visit to the Old Town (this is an opportunity to see how Danes lived hundreds of years ago as well as 50-60 years ago)

Sightseeing of Aarhus and the surrounding areas

Introduction to Danish/Nordic food

A visit to Aarhus Street Food