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Become a planner and coordinator on construction tasks

VIA Architectural Technology & Construction Management


At VIA Architectural Technology & Construction Management Exchange programme you will be working with large and small construction projects from start to finish.

About the programme

  • Facts

    Titel: Architectural Technology & Construction Management Exchange Programme

    Duration of the programme: 1 or 2 semesters (at least 30 ECTS)

    Programme start: February and August. Check out our academic calendar for spring 2018 (pdf)

    Study location: Horsens. Read more about Campus Horsens

    Language: The programme is taught in English

    Fact sheet: Fact Sheet for Partner Institutions of VIA University College (pdf)

  • Structure and content

    Exchange students must have a total of at least 30 ECTS per semester.

    There are three different modules available in English for exchange students. They are all part of the Bachelor degree programme in Architectural Technology & Construction Management

    Click the below links for detailed programme        Total ECTS 
    3. semester (pdf)

          30 ECTS
    4. semester (pdf)

          30 ECTS
    5. semester - Architectual Technology (pdf)

          30 ECTS
    5. semester - Construction Management (pdf)       30 ECTS

    Should you need further information, please contact our International Officer:
    Hanne Miller
    T: + 45 87 55 43 19

    Evaluation and exams

    Examinations are organized as individual tests assessed by external or internal examiners.

    For external examinations, an external examiner appointed by the Danish Ministry of Education will be brought in. 

    For internal examinations, the assessment will be done by lecturers appointed by VIA University College.

    See Ministerial Order on Examinations on Professionally Oriented Higher Education Programmes (pdf)

  • Enrolment

    We ensure that you receive credit at your home university for the courses you complete successfully at VIA.

    We welcome you as an exchange student.

    We work in close cooperation with your home universities. This collaboration is to ensure that each course you complete successfully at VIA University College is eligible for credit at your home university.

    A Danish Bachelor’s degree

    Students who have completed 2 years = 120 ECTS of study at their home university may attend the exchange programme at the Department of Architectural Technology and Construction Management.

    If you need more information, please contact our International Officer Hanne Miller, T:+ 45 87 55 43 19, E:

    After your exchange-study you have the possibility to continue your studies as a credit transfer student.

    Documentation of your current English language level

    If English is not your first language, you will need to provide documentation of your English language level. VIA University College requires that you have an English level of B2 or higher (certificate is required), as you must be able to understand spoken English when following courses and be able to write assignments and reports in English.

    As documentation, we accept confirmation of a B2 level from your home institution or one of the following internationally recognised language tests: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS or the Cambridge ESOL test. For more information, please see:

    Information about VIA Language Assessment Centre

    More information

    Read about credit transfer at VIA University College in Horsens

  • How to apply

    There are two application deadlines every year: One in May and one in November

    When your home university has nominated you for exchange at VIA School of Business, Technology & Creative Industries, we will send you further information and a link to our online application system. 

    Application deadlines

    • Autumn semester (August to January): 1 May
    • Spring semester (February to June): 1 November

    Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Studies:

    The learning agreement signed by your home institution must be sent to international coordinator Hanne Miller at: 

    Upon receipt of your application

    We will return the signed Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Studies together with an admission letter when we have approved your application.

    Please contact the Housing Department at least two weeks prior to your arrival with information on the time of your arrival at:

    When you get to Horsens, contact the housing department with regard to your accommodation.

    Before your arrival, we will send you information concerning where to go on the first day of class as well as on and activities during the first days.

  • Fees and tuition

    Usually exchange students do not pay tuition fees. 

    Exchange students pay no tuition fee if they come from:

    • Institutions which have signed a Bilateral Agreement on the exchange of students with VIA University College
    • Countries which are full members of the EU, or Norway, Iceland or Lichtenstein

    The tuition fee is EUR 7.450 for each semester.

    Contact our International Coordinator Hanne Miller,, or +45 87 55 43 19, for more information.

  • Internship

    The internship must have a duration of at least 20 weeks.

    Students having completed 2 years = 120 ECTS of study at their home university may attend the exchange transfer programme at Department of VIA Architectural Technology & Construction Management and be awarded a Danish bachelor’s degree upon completion of internship and 1 year = 60 ECTS of study in VIA University College.

    The internship must have a duration of at least 20 weeks, awarding a full 30 ECTS, and the one year of study must award 60 ECTS equivalent to a total of 90 ECTS.

    For more information contact our International Coordinator Hanne Miller at:
    T: +45 87 55 43 19

  • Student counselling

    Need help before applying? 

    If you are not sure which study programme is right for you, it might be helpful for you to talk to a student counsellor.

    Contact our International coordinator Hanne Miller at:
    T: +45 87 55 43 19

  • Contact

    You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

    VIA Architectural Technology and Construction Management
    Chr. M. Østergaards Vej 4
    DK - 8700 Horsens

    Att.: Hanne Miller
    T: +45 87 55 43 19

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The exchange programme is located at Campus Horsens.