Nicolai Levin Christensen

Position: R&D Engineer, DAVINCI development A/S

Nicolai Levin Christensen

My job

DAVINCI development A/S is a consultant engineering firm, so my work is quite broad.

Right now I am working on a large steel structure within the offshore oil and gas industry in the North Sea. I have been involved in everything from concept development and strength calculation, to completing the production base and accompanying documentation, which is what I’m working on at the moment.


What I like best about my work is the versatility. Despite being a ’new graduate’, I have already been around several industries, such as wind energy, the automotive industry and offshore oil and gas.

I would like to continue developing my skills, and I have a great opportunity for doing so in my current job.

But I also believe that development within industry is important. In order to develop good products that you can see really make a difference to an industry, it is important to maintain and develop skills.

My advice

  • If you love mechanics, technology, mathematics and physics, then the machine engineering educational programme is definitely for you.


  • You can use the theory you learn when studying in many different contexts, and that is a clear advantage.


  • It is a very comprehensive educational programme that you can use in many industries, so you never risk being “stuck” in one particular type of job.