VIA Student Incubator helps students become business owners

Meet students who have started their own projects or companies and/or had a successful cooperation with VIA Student Incubator.

Simon Nielsen and Benjamin Ringgaard - Physiotherapist graduates, VIA Aarhus N

PROJECT: Physiotherapy clinic in Aarhus
Simon Nielsen and Benjamin Ringgaard wanted to combine their theoretical knowledge of physical therapy with practical experience. While they were students, they opened their own clinic and offered massages to local businesses in Aarhus.
VIA Student Incubator at Campus Aarhus N helped the two students and business owners develop their startup. They received advice on how to start a business and participated in courses in marketing, accounting and legislation.
Simon and Benjamin's clinic, Health with a Purpose - Physical Therapy & Massage is now an established physiotherapy clinic in Aarhus.

Line Andersen, Maja Nees and Karoline Lind – VIA Teacher Education, Aarhus

PROJECT: Card games without text that train children's math skills 

Line Andersen, Maja Nees and Karoline Lind from VIA Teacher Education have developed Multi Math, series of games without text that train children's math skills and competencies. The participants play the math games with cards and a single dice.

The idea behind Multi Math originated from Line, Maja and Karoline’s wish to make a difference for refugee children who did not receive formal education due to warfare in their home countries. This idea developed into a math game without text, which proved to have great potential in Denmark as well. Since then, the project has evolved into a concept with three games for children at ages 4-12 years.

VIA Student Incubator has helped Multi Math on their entrepreneurship journey with preparing business plans and other practical issues around establishing and running the company.

Joakim Espeland - Mechanical Engineering graduate, Horsens

Project:  Drone
company solving a problem for the shipping industry

Joakim Espeland was in his first year of Mechanical Engineering studies at VIA Horsens when he attended an event organised by VIA Student Incubator. Joakim and his friend Andrian Buchi participated in an entrepreneurship talk and got inspired by a young Danish entrepreneur’s story about building up a business in Silicon Valley in the USA.

Before coming to VIA, Joakim Espeland had worked as a satellite engineer and had spotted a problem while calibrating satellite communications on ships. Joakim could solve this problem by applying drone technology. During his Mechanical Engineering studies at VIA, Joakim developed his idea. He became a member of VIA Student Incubator where he worked in his spare time on his company called QuadSAT.

VIA Student Incubator has helped the QuadSAT founder with startup tools about developing the idea and making a product prototype.

Karo Kurrani – design graduate, Herning

Project: Fashion company with a unique brand concept

During his studies at VIA Design Karo Kurrani and his team created the fashion company Enclave Monatchy. Enclave Monatchy has a unique brand, which captures and expresses time’s and people’s transition and change. The company is about to showcase their third collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

VIA Student Incubator helped Enclave Monatchy with finding the company’s design DNA and building their branding and marketing strategy.

Consultants from the incubator supported Karo Kurrani in pursuing the brand’s concept of "transition of uniqueness" for which he has been nominated for a fashion prize.

Anne-Mette Bjerre - Design & Business student, Aarhus

Project: A community that pays tribute to “doers” and inspires others to dare make changes

Anne-Mette Bjerre is a Design & Business student at VIA Campus C and she is the founder of I'M A DOER, a community that inspires and motivates people to make active choices and take responsibility. Through the project’s website (, motivational talks and short videos distributed on social media, Anne-Mette presents “doers” from different backgrounds and finds out how they find the energy and courage to act the way they do.

The idea originated from Anne-Mette Bjerre’s wish to inspire people to embrace changes and make their dreams come true. As part of the company’s business model, I'M A DOER organises motivational talks in organisations, runs a webshop and collaborates with selected brands.

I'M A DOER has an office at VIA Student Incubator at Campus Aarhus C where Anne-Mette is part of a start-up environment with entrepreneurs who support and help each other.

Julia Melvej Andersen and Michael Ahle Stadsbjerg - Nursing Education, Holstebro

Project: StopBlood, an innovative way to stop bleeding after a dialysis treatment

Julia Melvej Andersen and Michael Ahle Stadsbjerg are the founders of StopBlood, a medical product that make it easier for nurses to stop the patients’ bleeding after a dialysis treatment.

Julia Melvej Andersen and Michael Ahle Stadsbjerg came up with the idea for StopBlood during their internship at The Dialysis Clinic in Holstebro. The two students noticed that nurses spent a considerable amount of time stopping the patient's bleeding after a dialysis treatment. Julia and Michael had an idea for a product that can save time for the nurses and improve the treatment for the patients.  

When developing StopBlood, Julia and Michael became members of VIA Student Incubator at Campus Holstebro. Consultants from the incubator helped StopBlood with relevant contacts, counselling and support.

Through VIA Student Incubator, Julia and Michael became aware of the entrepreneurship competition DM in Entrepreneurship, which they won in the Lifetech category in 2017.