Sustainable built environment

We have a broad expertise within circular building and low carbon solutions, as well as indoor climate. We collaborate with partners from the construction industry, public organizations, and professional building owners.

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Towards a sustainable transformation

We do research and develop circular building and low carbon solutions in cooperation with partners aiming for significant resource- and CO2-reductions in built environment. 

We use advanced digital tools to facilitate and support projects from the designing process, monitoring test setups, analyzing data, to visualizing and disseminating results.

Our hope is to contribute to access the full potential of new profitable circular solutions for a broad range of actors within the building sector. Torsten Sack-Nielsen, Associate Professor, PhD

How we work

  • Huge potentials for circular building solutions

    The approx. 5 million t. of annual building waste in Denmark calls for solutions to effectively reuse and upcycle these unused resources in new projects, and to choose holistic circular approaches with reversible assemblies in building design.

    Taking responsibility for the future

    We help the building industry reduce their carbon footprint with our expertise, including circular building design and low carbon solutions, meeting upcoming intentions and requirements of the building regulations, 2023, such as the LCA documentation and maximum values.


Torsten Sack-Nielsen
  • Torsten Sack-Nielsen

  • Associate Professor, PhD, Head of Programme for intelligent and sustainable construction
  • T: +45 87 55 41 90
Damir Hatic, Associate Professor, VIA University College
  • Damir Hatic

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 87 55 40 58
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Maria Gaardsted Kamper.
  • Maria Erika Gaardsted Kamper

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 84 55 42 71
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  • Andrea Mortensen

  • Associate Professor, PhD
  • T: +45 87 55 43 57
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Christian Hylgaard.
  • Christian Hylgaard

  • Assistant Professor
  • T: +45 87 55 43 05
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