Business globalisation

About the research

  • Research areas

    The centre carries out applied research on Danish businesses' possibilities in a global market.

    Value chain optimisation

    All businesses are part of a business network. This network is, increasingly, becoming more and more global. Furthermore, businesses face new challenges and requirements from their network. Our research focuses on how businesses can manage and optimise their networks. Examples include how to develop sustainable business models when the organisation has several locations.

    International sales and marketing management

    Approx. 10% of businesses account for 90% of the total Danish export. In Denmark 95% of all businesses are defined as small and medium size enterprises (SME). However, a lot of the SMEs don’t export. We work to find best practices among exporting businesses and spread this knowledge to the benefit of Danish export in general.

    Language and intercultural competencies

    Given globalisation and the increasing diversity in the Danish workforce, cultural knowledge and effective intercultural communication skills are important in today’s business world. The research centre analyses, maps and develops internal and external communication platforms aimed at strengthening Danish SMEs’ linguistic and cross-cultural strategies.

  • Selected projects

    Our projects focus on potentials for SMEs.

    Helping businesses with exporting potential

    ”Future industrial business models” offers strategic sparring through workshops and development. The project is part of Central Denmark Region’s offers to production companies with growth potential and is conducted in partnership with the University of Aarhus, Danish Industry and the Business Development Centre of the Central Denmark Region (Væksthus Midtjylland).

    About 50 consultants from PwC, Force Technology, TI, Pluss Leadership as well as VIA University College and others are involved. In 2014, 78 businesses received support. 

    Project period: 2014-2015 

    More about the project: Central Denmark Region’s website

    Project manager:
    Lars Mønsted Nielsen

    Sustainability in SMEs

    Sustainability in SMEs is a project that provides businesses with experience in sustainability. The goal is to translate the experience into an improved bottom line. The project is partly about acquiring knowledge on SMEs’ work with sustainable business development and production, and partly about helping businesses develop their own business models. The project’s knowledge will be gathered into learning compendia and shared with other SMEs. 

    The project is in partnership between Green Network, The Federation of Danish Industry and VIA. 

    Project period: 2015 and 2016. 

    Funding: Industriens Fond 

    Project manager:
    Trine Mønsted Nielsen

    Future challenges for production in Denmark

    The project consists of desk research as well as a presentation of the challenges facing Danish production companies. A case study from businesses that are successful in developing and maintaining production in Denmark will be conducted. Based on the case study, recommendations will be developed on how Danish manufacturing companies can best prepare for future challenges. 

    Project period: 2014 – 2016 

    Project manager:
    Mathias Thim Juhl

  • Researchers

    Contact researchers

    Rickard Lindquist 

    T: +45 87 55 44 03
    Skype: rickard.lindquist 

    Research Specialisation: 
    • Supply Chain Management 
    • Logistics 
    • Lean 
    • Change Management 
    • Strategic processes og Process optimisation

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  • Partners

    We collaborate with Danish and international businesses, export organisations and authorities.  We have a special focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Our collaboration partners include:

    Danish partners

    • Controverse • Dansk Erhverv
    • Dansk Eksportforening
    • Danmarks Eksportråd. 
    Don’t hesitiate to contact us, if you have an idea for a project, seminar, article or if you are interested in hearing more about the centre. 

    Contact Centre Director Richard Lindquist, rl@via.

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