Sci-Vi visualisation in science dissemination

Sci-Vi is an initiative at The Animation Workshop/Via University College seeking to explore and unfold visual science dissemination as a field, to improve science communication through visual storytelling and animation. 

Illustration by: Cecilia Murillo Valdez 

The initiative will strengthen the cooperation between scientists and visual storytellers, and investigate potentials and possibilities in a broad community. Parallel we explore how scientists can benefit from using visual storytelling and imagination as a method for augmenting their knowledge within their different research-fields. The main Sci-Vi activities is the Sci-Vi Community, Sci-Vi Cases and the Sci-Vi Conference. Sci-Vi is a partnership between The Animation Workshop/VIA University College, The Creative Industry Cluster Arsenalet and Aalborg University.

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Contact us

  • Sia Søndergaard

  • Head of Sci-Vi

    T: +45 8755 4961


  • Peter Vistisen

  • Sci-Vi Advisor and project manager

    T: +45 3054 9096


  • Agota Vegso

  • Sci-Vi Ph.D student and producer

    T: +351 911 116 730