With the Sci-Vi initiative, we continuously experiment and investigate formats and methods for visual research communication

During the last years The Animation Workshop/VIA UC have co-produced several animations to help disseminate science and research in very different fields. We collect this experience and productions under the Sci-Vi umbrella and will in the following years continue to help new productions into the world.

TED-Ed Animated lessons

The Sci-Vi department cooperates with TED-Ed to create better communication about all kinds of science. We believe that in order to develop in the best way as humanity, our choices and actions, together with ethical considerations, must be based on knowledge and research. The TED-Ed Animations are short, animated videos about ideas that spark the curiosity of learners everywhere and has become an award-winning education platform that serves millions of teachers and students around the world every week. The TED-Ed video library has more than 1,000 animated TED-Ed Originals and reaches nearly 700M learners worldwide every year.


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NO.34/ Tuskegee study on syphilis

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NO. 36/ Science of Chlorophyll Flourescence

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All lessons co-produced by The Animation Workshop

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Ph.d Cup - DR collaboration

The Sci Vi department established in 2020 a collaboration with DR on the development of sci-vi animation-productions, 30 sec  visual summaries, for the researchers in the year's Ph.d Cup. Ph.d Cup is a dissemination competition developed in collaboration between Information, DR and the Lundbeck Foundation

Frugtbarhed - Ph.D Cup 2020

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Grundvand - Ph.D Cup 2020

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Det danske pindsvin - Ph.D Cup 2020

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kan man gøre sygdommen syg

Kan vi gøre sygdommen syg? Ph.D Cup 2020

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Hvordan børn regner

Hvordan løser børn simple regnestykker - Pd.D Cup 2020

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Animated researcher profiles 

Collaboration with University of Copenhagen. Production of 10 1-minutes visual introduction to the 10 research-groups from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Biology (DanStem)/KU produced by visual storytellers from the Sci-Vi Community. The goal was to examine the format and production process.
Talking Cells

Talking Cells

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Hematopoietic Stem Cells

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Transcribing Patterns...

Transcribing Patterns from the Library of Life

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When regeneration is out of tune

When regeneration is out of tune - Understanding Molecular mechanism of pancreatic cancer

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Sci-Vi Expanded – Museum collaborations

Under the Sci Vi Expanded category, we have experimented with different formats in collaboration with museums and exhibition venues.

The Body as Data - Animation and videomapping at Aarhus Science Museum

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Mixed Productions

In the mixed productions category, there are different types of collaboration described under each individual case

Cells of Knowledge

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