Symbiosis - a joint virtual exhibition

A joint virtual exhibition about people's understanding of nature

Prominent philosophers today believe that it is fundamentally the dominant Western view of nature that contributes to the global climate crisis. Western view of nature today is characterized by humanity and nature being separate, with patterns of action that spring from this understanding. In earlier times our understanding was based on an experience of a symbiotic wholeness we need to rediscover.

How can we rediscover and convey relevant cultural heritage and new research in a strong way, so that it sparks interest and influence on future patterns of action and mindsets?

At The Animation Workshop we research how we convey and develop new knowledge through visual storytelling and experiences. In 2023 we started the concept development of SYMBIOSIS, a joint virtual exhibition and investigation of human understanding of- and connection to nature, curated by arctic museums in Greenland, Faroe Islands and Iceland.

With SYMBIOSIS the audience travels back in time to meet indigenous people in Arctic and prehistoric understandings of nature, from which we can draw inspiration when shaping the future understanding of nature.