The Body as Data

The Body as Data - Animation and videomapping at Aarhus Science Museeum

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The Body as Data - Animation and videomapping at Århus Science Museeum

In 2021 the Science Museums opened the exhibition “The Body as Data”. The exhibition aims to get visitors to be more critical of their “online self”, what they share with others and to whom they give their data. The exhibition has been developed as part of the project "Give the young people the word".

As part of the exhibition, The Animation Workshop / VIA UC produced small films and video mapping elements based on a presentation of research in the field, as well as the young people's input. Jody Ghani (Jodyprody) and Lars Hemmingsen (Midtjysk 3D service) have animated and produced video mapping.

What can you experience in the exhibition "The body as data":

The Animation Workshop/Sci-Vi has created a "discrimination machine", which illustrates how we feed our phones and computers with data about ourselves every day. Lone Hørslev's poem "The days are data" forms the background and shows which technologies collect data about us. An oversize marionette asks the question "Who is pulling your strings", and films show how various health and disease data have been collected about the Danes since the 17th century.

Visitors are also asked the question: Who are you on social media? The fly on the wall? The perfect body? The eager sharer? And what are you hiding? The bad days? The unhealthy food?

The exhibition section "The body as data - your monitored body" was created together with young people from the Academy for Talented Young People, researchers from Health, Aarhus University and The Animation Workshop/VIA University College in Viborg.

The project, including the exhibition section, is supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation