Sci-Vi Conference

Visualisation and Animation in Science Dissemination


The annual Sci-Vi conference runs every year during the Viborg Animation Festival in September.

The Sci-Vi Conference focuses on visualization and animation in science dissemination and facilitates knowledge exchange and networking between researchers in different fields and visual storytellers, seeking to explore and unfold visual science dissemination as a field.

The Sci-Vi conference brings together researchers, animators and visual storytellers, curators and producers to discuss, exchange knowledge and learn from state-of-the-art case studies and ongoing research projects.

The conference focuses, among other things, on these topics:

  • Can cooperation between researchers and visual storytellers strengthen research dissemination and to what level?
  • How can we use narratives when we communicate research?
  • What is the relationship between the visual and cognition?
  • How do we strengthen the cooperation between scientists and visual storytellers? -incl. examples of partnerships.
  • Film language as a global tool for communication #Viborg Animation Festival 2021

Headlines from the past years

2022 Theme: SYMBIOSIS – Imagination and Visualization as interdisciplinary field of exploration

2021 Theme: Science for Society in our spaces and places

2020 Theme: Science for Society – Visual storytelling in science dissemination

2019 Theme: We Animate the Future – Prospection

2018 Theme: Public understanding of Science // Science understanding of public