Research programme for Creative Business and Sustainable Development

We conduct research into sustainability and business conditions of importance to the development of creative industries and professions. We create and develop knowledge about and for the industry and related professions.

About the research

We work across disciplines and prioritise empirical studies of practice. We develop knowledge about and have experience with the business-related, technological and societal implications for the industry players.

Research areas

We work with three overall and overlapping research areas:

  • Sustainable development and circular economy: For example how to translate the vision about a sustainable future into practice and into new sustainable business areas and competences
  • Digitalisation, technology and innovation: For example what is the role and significance of digitalisation and technological understanding in how companies and consumers meet each other?
  • Business understanding and development: For example how can design and redesign of business models and supply chains create growth?

Our research projects

Our research, development and innovation projects look into practice-based issues and needs. Working closely with the industry, we typically base our projects on concrete companies, consumer segments or technologies. We increase competitiveness and innovation power in the creative industries by combining professional knowledge with application-oriented solutions adapted to the needs of the users. Our projects also contribute to an understanding of how the profession develops in line with the market, society and technology.

Rune Thorbjørn Jakobsen