Research Programme for Film and Transmedia

We investigate, analyse, and disseminate knowledge about new filmic narratives, production, and distribution forms in cooperation with the digital visual industry, other educational institutions, and related professions.

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About the research

Various forms of filmic storytelling across multiple platforms and formats - using current digital technologies - play a powerful role not only in entertainment, but also in other economic, social, cultural and technological domains. This is our starting point for doing applied research and development in the field of film and transmedia. 

VIA Joins FilmEU

Society is informed and shaped by the stories we tell and how we tell them. FilmEU (the European Universities Alliance for Film and Media Arts), is a force for positive social change. Issues like climate change, gender inequality, diversity and social justice are some of the issues that inform the shared philosophy of FilmEU.

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VIA Film & Transmedia establish MiXR Lab

The MiXR Lab explores the many technological possibilities that shape the media productions of the future. MiXR is a developmental environment that helps the digital visual industries become better at working with and seeing the potential of new technologies for production, e.g. VR, AR, 3D scanning, Virtual Production and Motion Capture. VIA hosts the MIXR Lab in cooperation with Filmby Aarhus and leading Danish companies.
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Global Sustainability Short Film

VIA Film & Transmedia is co-founder of the Global Sustainability Short Film Alliance, working with international partners in higher education to strengthen the awareness and actions towards a sustainable future. 
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How we work

  • We carry out research within:

    • New screens: VR, AR, mapping, and interactivity
    • Dramaturgy and aesthetics in serial formats
    • Transmedia storytelling and production
    • Sustainable film production
    • New platforms – new narrative forms and business models.
  • Digitalisation leads to disruption at all levels of film and media production and distribution. This calls for innovation in both narrative-, production- and distribution forms. We help create a knowledge base that benefits the competitiveness of the film- and media industries. At the same time, our professional bachelor-degree-programme ‘Multiplatform Storytelling & Production’ increases the pool of talent in Denmark and internationally. 

Our researchers

  • Martin Hansen

  • Research director
  • T: +45 87 55 48 02
Henrik Højer
  • Henrik Højer

  • Associate professor
  • T: +45 87 55 05 38
  • Mette Jelling

  • Associate professor
  • T: +45 87 55 05 58
  • Rune Lünell

  • Associate professor
  • T: +45 87 55 05 79