Research programme for Film and Transmedia

We research and disseminate knowledge about new cinematic narrative-, production- and distribution forms to benefit the film industry and related professions.

About the research

We investigate, analyse and describe development trends in film and transmedia and continuously integrate new insights into teaching and dissemination of information.

Research areas

We develop and research i.a. in:

  • New Screens: VR, AR, mapping and interactivity
  • Dramaturgy and aesthetics in serial formats
  • Transmedia: process and production
  • New platforms - new narrative forms
  • User-involved storytelling
  • Neuro-cinematics

Our research projects

The digital development leads to disruption at all levels in film and media production and makes it necessary to innovate both narrative-, production- and distribution forms. We ensure an updated knowledge base to the benefit of the film and media industry's competitiveness and the talent pool at the professional bachelor programme Multiplatform Storytelling and Production.


Louis Thonsgaard
Henrik Højer