Research within product design and materials technology

Our research focuses on combining product design with new materials and technologies in order to create sustainable and value-adding products.

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”We develop knowledge to support the textile and fashion industry become more sustainable and competitive” Poul-Erik Jørgensen, Head of Research Programme

Project: Beyond E-textiles 

Beyond E-textiles is an interdisciplinary collaboration between chemical engineering and design within the field of smart textiles. A major challenge is that smart textiles often are developed solely from technological perspectives, forgetting daily use and aesthetics. These parameters are of pivotal importance in developing a sustainable use perspective where it is crucial to work with longevity, high use frequency and durability. 
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Project: Mass Customization for Circularity 

MCC FASHION is one of 14 projects included in TraCe, the Danish Innomission of Circular Plastic and Textiles. This project addresses the over-production and overconsumption with the aim of contributing to the milestone of 20 % reduction of the use of textiles in Denmark by 2030. The specific objective is to develop a framework addressing mass customization for circularity in fashion. 
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Project: Hemp for textile use 

Hemp can become the sustainable alternative to cotton, but it requires optimization of the entire value chain, increased demand and the use of new technologies to make it scalable and competitive. We have carried out research in this area since 2017 – such as harvesting, production and processing of hemp - as part of the Lifestyle and Design Cluster.
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How we work

  • Our research areas include:

    • Functional and sustainable materials for use in the textile and fashion industry
    • Design- and pattern technology that ensures functional design and a good fit
    • Virtual 3D product design and -development for the fashion industry
    • New sustainable production technologies
    • Smart Materials and Smart Textiles with new innovative functionalities
  • Our research and development activities are application-oriented and create innovation and added value for our partners and educational programmes. New knowledge about sustainable materials, processes and products, as well as strategic use of design, increases the sustainability as well as competitiveness of the textile and fashion industry.

    We share our knowledge with students and industry actors through projects and skills development.


  • Poul-Erik Jørgensen

  • Head of Programme
  • T: 87 55 05 46
UC viden
Anne Louise Bang
  • Anne Louise Bang

  • Senior Associate Professor, PhD
  • T: +45 87 55 05 83
  • Sustainability and circularity in fashion and design, green transition
UC Viden profile
  • Anders Klitgård Mølbæk

  • Specialist Teacher
  • T: 87 55 05 28
  • Textile materials and production (fibres, yarn), quality measurements
UC viden
  • Eva Paarmann

  • Associate Professor
  • T: 87 55 05 52
  • Furniture design, responsible product development and materials
UC viden
  • Inger Marie Ladekarl

  • Associate Professor
  • T: 87 55 05 24
  • Bio-based textile printing and colouring (analogue and digital)
UC viden
  • Lena Kramer Pedersen

  • Associate Professor
  • T: 87 55 05 02
  • Textile design, digital and analogue knitting and weaving processing.
UC viden
  • Mette Terkildsen

  • Assistant professor
  • T: 87 55 10 50
  • Sustainable design, product development in relations to inclusion and body diversity
UC viden
  • Tina Cecilie Bull Nielsen

  • Assistant professor
  • T: 87 55 10 50
  • Sustainable textiles, product development and circular systems in fashion
UC viden
  • Vera Friis Knudsen

  • Assistant Professor
  • T: 87 55 05 23
  • Textile production (fibres, yarn and fabrics). Quality documentation and specification
UC viden
  • Malene Harsaae

  • Associate Professor, PhD
  • T: 87 55 05 33
  • Age in relation to clothing, long shelf life, circularity in fashion
UC viden