Programme for Film and Transmedia

Programme for Film and Transmedia create and communicate new knowledge about film and transmedia in close collaboration with industry and research institutions.

About the research

  • Research areas

    We explore the latest opportunities for narrative forms across media.

    Fashion film and transmedia storytelling

    • Application-oriented research in close interaction between research, education and professional practice
    • Creation of new knowledge, innovation and concrete solutions in the interplay between technology, business and narrative

    Humour in film and transmedia storytelling

    • Create and exchange the latest knowledge on the use of humour in film and transmedia
    • Create useful tools for the media industry and post-graduate students

    Post-television drama and transmedia storytelling

    • The classic TV series on new platforms
    • New, groundbreaking narrative forms
    • Study of new drama formats and how they affect the media of television

    Transmedia Lab

    • We experiment with – and investigate – brand new formats, platforms and technologies
    • Targeted use of new trans-media forms in a variety of industries.
  • Researchers

    Contact the centre's staff.

    Louis Thonsgaard, Head of programme

    VIA Film & Transmedia
    T: +45 87 55 05 50

    Henrik Højer, faculty member and teaching-co-ordinator

    VIA Film & Transmedia
    T: +45 87 55 05 38

    Martin Hansen, chief consultant

    VIA Film & Transmedia
    T: +45 87 55 48 02
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  • Partners

    We have partnerships with businesses and educational institutions in the industry.
    • Aarhus Universitet
    • Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole
    • Den Danske Filmskole
    • Sonic College
    • Shareplay
    • Filmby Aarhus
    • M2Film
    • AdventureLab
    • Strømberg Industries