Programme for Research in Ageing

The Programme in ageing focuses on the impact of ageing processes on human health and illness as well as on the maintenance of the quality of life, autonomy and dignity of older people. The purpose is to contribute with research knowledge regarding the development of an integrated and coherent healthcare system for the citizen promoting a healthy and active old age.

A question of competences

In particular, the focus is on the municipal health service and on supporting the development of sustainable care and medical treatment and rehabilitation of elderly frail citizens.

To achieve this, there is a need to raise the general level of competence of the social and health professionals in the workforce.

Furthermore, welfare technology is an inevitable solution of the future, both as an integral part of treatment and care, as well as in the everyday lives of older citizens.

Research areas

The programme in ageing has five research areas:

  • Competences in a coherent healthcare system
  • Healthy and active ageing
  • Sustainable care to old fragile citizens
  • Welfare technology and digitization of welfare services for senior citizens
  • Everyday life among old age citizens living alone

Project "Nursing students"

The increasing number of elderly people challenges the healthcare system. National and international research indicate that nursing students' career dreams are moving towards acute nursing as well as nursing for children and young people. Currently there is an increasing need for nurses in the healthcare system. This leads to an additional need for nurses in the care of elderly citizens with complex care needs. The social recognition of elderly care is not high.

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Project "Older men living alone"

The project focuses on older men living alone and their health, quality of life and masculinity. 

Old men living alone seem to face health inequalities in different ways:

- They have a shorter life expectancy than both women and men living with a spouse
- They are disadvantaged with regard to numerous somatic diseases
- They have higher rates of loneliness, depression and suicide
- And they make far less use of the healthcare system’s opportunities.


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Old men living alone

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Project "Osiris - Welfare Technology and Senior Citizens"

Welfare technology integration is inevitable to provide the best service to senior citizens in order to maintain an active and good life in old age.

The best way is to collaborate and connect researchers, product developers, financers and user organizations into a welfare-technology network.

It enables innovation actors to collaborate to develop and implement innovative products and services creating a match between the technology available in the market and the needs of end users.

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