Programme for Dementia

We conduct research in person-centered care, the needs of relatives as caregivers, and interventions to support people with dementia to maintain cognitive skills and quality-of-life.

About us

Professional care for people with dementia

Our aim is to explore and develop the quality of professional care for people living with dementia. Our research focuses on producing knowledge that can contribute to qualifying the professional support and possibilities for citizens affected by dementia. We have a strong focus on person-centered care and inclusion.
With the right professional support and inclusion in society, it is possible to live a good life with dementia Rikke Gregersen, Head of Programme, PhD, Senior Associate Professor

Project: Home-based CST

Development of home-based Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), a certified method to support people with dementia to strengthen their cognitive abilities. We have developed the Danish CST model with follow-up research that has shown significant, positive results.

Project: Young caregivers of parents with dementia

Interview and nationwide survey to uncover young people’s (18-30+) everyday life and health status – as caregivers living with a parent with dementia.

How we work

  • Our research delivers knowledge about and solutions to care for citizens with dementia. Our aim is to ensure that citizens with dementia with the right professional support and inclusion in society can live a meaningful life. Our research is based on qualitative and quantitative empirical and validation studies.
  • Our programme is committed to creating new knowledge from practice-based research in order to contribute to both practice and the education of the healthcare professionals.
  • - Psycho-social and technology-supported interventions targeted people with dementia, such as Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CTS) and Reminiscence Reminiscence
    - Cinema the use of archival film material for interaction with people with dementia
    - Sense of Literature - research on and evaluation of services offered by libraries to people with dementia and their relatives
    - Everyday life and needs of relatives to people living with dementia
    - ‘Dementia-friendly’ Denmark and new approaches for rating social participation of people with dementia
    - The transfer of care for people with dementia moving into a care home
    - Music therapy for people with dementia and their relatives.


Portrait of Rikke Gregersen.
  • Rikke Gregersen

  • Head of Programme, Senior Associate Professor, PhD, MSc.
  • T: +45 87 55 18 10
  • Dementia care and rehabilitation, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), A dementia friendly Denmark
UC Viden
  • Marianne Lyngmose Nielsen

  • OT, MA in Educational Anthropology
  • T: +45 87 55 24 25
  • Young Relatives, Dementia, Qualitative Methods 
UC viden
  • Stina Bjørnskov

  • Senior Lecturer and Research Assistant
  • T: +45 87 55 24 28
  • Dementia and Relatives, Dementia and Occupational Therapy, Dementia and Assistive Technology
  • Mille Kjærgaard Thorsen

  • PhD in Anthropology, Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work
  • T: +45 87 55 32 97
  • Health Inequity, Social Care & Healthcare, Trust & Ethics
  • Tove Stenderup

  • Associate Professor, Ph.d.
  • music pedagogy, music as social effort, late brain injury and dementia
UC viden