Research programme in dementia

The programme in dementia conducts professionally-relevant research within person-centred care, the needs of relatives as well as initiatives that can support people with dementia in maintaining their cognitive skills.

Research areas

The programme’s research areas include:

  • Cognitive promotion, particularly cognitive intervention, that can promote cognition in the target group, including the therapy, cognitive stimulation therapy (CST).
  • Person-centred care and inclusion are central to the quality of professional dementia care and part of the research field. Efforts also include aspects related to technology-based care.
  • Support for relatives where research concentrates on the relatives as support and resources at home and in hospital as well as promoting the quality of life and uncovering the needs of the relatives.

Project: Cognitive promotion and CST

Development of home-based and digitised cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) to help people with dementia strengthen their cognitive abilities.

CST is a certified method of promoting cognition in the target group. We recently developed the Danish CST model with follow-up research, which has shown significant positive results.

Read about the CST project (Danish).


Stina Bjørnskov Jensen
T: +45 87 55 24 28

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Marianne Lyngmose Nielsen
T: +45 87 55 24 25

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Young relatives of parents with dementia

Interview and nationwide questionnaire to uncover the everyday life and state of health of young people, aged 18-30+, when it comes to living with a parent with dementia.

Read about the young relatives project (Danish).


Rikke Gregersen 

Project Manager
Senior Associate Professor, PhD, MSc.
T: +45 87 55 18 10

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Sense of Literature

The Sense of Literature project is about the libraries’ services for people with dementia and their relatives. We investigate and test offers with literature in focus. The project is running at libraries in Vejle, Odense, Slagelse and Allerød and is evaluated by the Programme for dementia.

Read about the Sense of Literature project (Danish).


Anders Møller Jensen

Project Manager
PhD student, MSc.
T: +45 87 55 17 03

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Portrait of Rikke Gregersen.
  • Rikke Gregersen

  • Head of Programme, Senior Associate Professor, PhD, MSc.
  • T: +45 87 55 18 10