Research programme for mind and body in mental health

The programme for mind and body in mental health focuses on supporting and promoting mental health and wellbeing through working with sensing, the body, body awareness, compassion as well as conscious presence on the body, thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

The purpose is research, education and implementation of approaches to training and supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the population in accordance with the ambitions of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

The programme’s background

The background for research in bodily and mental health is:

  • an increase in the number of stressed citizens with reduced wellbeing and risk of illness and loss of integration into society
  • more children, adolescents and students with stress, anxiety and depression, with consequences for their health, wellbeing, learning and life path
  • the need for an efficient and sustainable healthcare system for patients, relatives and healthcare professionals, as well as the sustainable management of organisations and workplaces.

The programme works to bring about sustainable health changes through impact on several levels, from the cellular and neurological, to the whole person and the communities in which we participate.

About the research

Research topics include research-based interventions to strengthen mental health within:

  • Kindergartens and schools, where we are developing a new mindfulness programme for children and adolescents
  • The education system, where we are working with the prevention of stress, anxiety and depression among students
  • The healthcare system, where we are working with the prevention of recurrent depression among vulnerable citizens using mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, as well as the possibility of treating lower back and pelvic pain among pregnant women with psychomotor therapy
  • Organisations and workplaces where we are working with wellbeing in private and public hospitals

Project: Research in biomarkers

The research Programme for mind and body in mental health is part of a research project that examines how biomarkers are affected in the interaction between body and mind.

Over a period of four years, the research programme has collected blood samples, which are examined for how mindfulness and stress reduction affect the body.

Read about the project here.

Open courses

Courses in mindfulness and compassion

Our research-based courses in Mindfulness and Compassion are now open to everyone. The courses are for anyone who has a desire to take better care of themselves, both professionally and personally.

They are aimed at anyone working within teaching, treatment, support or the development of people, and/or who would like to avoid empathy exhaustion, so they can maintain focus on their professionalism in order to help and support others.

Portrait of Jesper Dahlgaard.


Jesper Dahlgaard

Associate Professor, PhD., MSc. in positive psychology
T: +45 87 55 29 92

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Portrait of Jesper Dahlgaard.
  • Jesper Dahlgaard

  • Head of Programme for mind and body in mental health
  • T: +45 87 55 29 92