The Futures of Education, Culture, and Nature 

The Futures of Education, Culture, and Nature project (FECUN) was founded by VIA to support the right to quality education for every person and realize the transformational potential of education as a route for sustainable collective futures. 

FECUN explores emerging dynamic interplays between education, culture, and nature and entanglements between the local and the global in education and edification. FECUN aims to develop cosmopolitan and dialogical perspectives on global citizenship and sustainable development in interdisciplinary educational research. It is inspired by and interprets various UNESCO initiatives, notably ‘Futures of Education’ and ‘Education for 2030’, contributing to the opening of a conversation on past, present, and future across various educational traditions and worldviews.

A global educational infrastructure

Firstly, by thinking of global education in terms of ‘global educational infrastructure’ rather than a ‘one size fits all regime of ‘global educational policy’ steered by logic outside education. Secondly, by contributing to connecting education with ideas of ‘commons,’ thereby making it possible to reimagine our various visions of the future (and, if possible, the past) together and create a new global social humane and social just contract for education. More specifically, FECUN aims through its activities both in theory and practice to disclose and develop connections and currents between sustainable development and the Anthropocene with ways of understanding the relationship between education, culture, and nature in academia, applied science, vocational education, and research – and in higher education in general.

International conferences and journal

FECUN organizes an international conference series, an international journal, local activities, as well as research.

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