Aethetics and Pedagogy

We study aesthetics and pedagogy to isolate and identify its relevance to educational programmes and professional practice. 

How we work

Fields of expertise 

Methodologically, we use a wide range of approaches, such as case studies, action research, and text analysis within the field of pedagogical work in schools and daycare institutions. 

  • Aesthetics and pedagogy, the relationship between the two, and the relationship to concepts, such as experience and recognition
  • The relationship between pedagogy, art, culture, knowledge, and education 
  • Literature, language, music and drama, as related to the pedagogical work in schools and daycare institutions.

About our projects 

Our projects look at areas relevant to educational programmes, professions, and research. We try to isolate and identify areas of specific relevance. Methodologically, our work is based on case studies and text analysis.

A recent project “Reading between media – developing and encouraging Children’s Multisensory Reading in a digital age” was carried out in collaboration with Malmo University and the University of Aarhus. You can find it here

International work

We collaborate with a number of international research- and educational institutions, primarily in Scandinavia (Tronheim, Stavanger, Tromsoe, Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Karlstad, among others. We also have joint projects with universities such as the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the University of Cambridge, and the University of Granada (see example).

Our researchers participate in international, scientific editorial and advisory boards.



Martin Blok Johansen
  • Martin Blok Johansen

  • Associate Professor, PhD
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  • Ayoe Quist Henkel

  • Associate Professor, PhD
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