Counselling and Mentoring

Increased complexity calls for knowledge about what constitutes relevant counselling and mentoring on many different educational and professional arenas. This is our field of study. 

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New Teachers in Nordic Countries

We contributed to a research-based anthology published by the partners in ‘Mentoring and Induction in the Nordic Countries’ supported by Nordplus.

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Good counselling and mentoring can help retain, motivate, and engage students and professionals . Lisbeth Lunde Frederiksen, Head of Programme, PhD

European research network 

We are an active partner in the European network ‘Teacher Induction and mentoring in Europe’, part of the European Educational Research Association (EERA).
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Our researchers also contribute to the Nordic network NTI-SEM. 

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How we work

  • We study areas such as:

    • Induction programmes for newly-graduated candidates within different professions
    • Councelling and mentoring to gain foothold in professions and education
    • Counselling and mentoring with a focus on lifelong professional development
    • Counselling and mentoring related to teaching, learning processes, retention, as well as transitions between schools, educations, and professional life
    • Career counselling of young people and adults with and without current employment
    • How stakeholders cooperate on counselling and mentoring activities
    • How to develop counselling as a profession.
    • Mentor-education
  • We provide research-and practice-based knowledge about counselling and mentoring. This supports, develops, and qualifies counselling and mentoring as a research-based profession that facilitates professional development - which in turn supports and sustains the quality of the professions.

    We investigate and develop counselling in schools, educational programmes, professions, industries as well as human transitions and lifelong learning. We know that humans need to experience that they have possibilities – something good counselling and mentoring can support.


Lisbeth Lunde
  • Lisbeth Lunde Frederiksen

  • Head of Research, PhD
  • T: 87551705
  • Expertise: Transitions between education and employment
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  • Elisabeth Halse

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 87 55 30 43
  • Expertise: Education and pedagogy in teacher education
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  • Cathrine Sand Nielsen

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 87 55 20 67
  • Expertise: Clinically-oriented educational projects
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