Everyday Life Studies and Extended Education

Our research field is the pedagogical arenas, where older children and young people spend their everyday life and leisure time.  

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On the Edge of Education 

This PhD-project examines young people’s perspectives on being in vulnerable transition-phases and having difficulties meeting societal expectations and norms. It is an Erasmus+ ‘Co-created Education through Social Inclusion’ (CoSi.ed ) project aimed at increasing young disadvantaged europeans’ educational success and completion rate.

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We study young people’s wellbeing, socialization, and education. David Thore Gravesen, Head of Research, Associate Professor, PhD
Everyday life studies and leisure time pedagogy

Being Young with an Uncertain Future

This project explores the social consequences for young refugees of being subjected to indeterminate, temporary protection.  

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How we work

  • We primarily use qualitative research methods with a focus on older children and young people’s perspectives. This includes various forms of interviews, observations, inclusive methods, workshops, walk-and-talks, etc.
  • Our research areas include:

    • The wellbeing, socialization, and education of older children and young people
    • Older children and young people’s linguistic expressions and cultural forms of expression
    • Young people’s transitions in schools and educational contexts
    • Young refugees’ education, future aspirations, and the role of temporary protection
    • Older children and young people’s everyday life in SFOs (after school care), youth centres, etc.
    • The work of educators in schools and leisure time pedagogical contexts
    • Inequality in pedagogy and education.
  • Our projects are relevant for educators, teachers, social workers, among others, who work with older children and young people’s wellbeing, socialisation and transitions in primary school, lower and upper seconday school, SFOs (after school care), clubs, youth centres and voluntary organisations. We disseminate findings via teaching, seminars, and conferences in Denmark and abroad.


  • David Thore Gravesen

  • Head of Research, PhD and Associate Professor
  • T: 87553731
  • Expertise: Youth Culture, Youth Transitions, Inequality in Education
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  • Lea Ringskou

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 87 55 37 80
  • Expertise: Leisure-time pedagogy and pedagogues, professional identity
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  • Peter H. Frostholm

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 87 55 37 76
  • Expertise: Ethnographic Research Methodology, Research Ethics
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  • Flemming Oehlenschlæger Nørgaard

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 87 55 38 76
  • Expertise: Education, Leisure-time Pedagogy
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