Professional Education

We contribute to the development of research-informed approaches to professional education, - learning and - collaboration. 

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We contribute to international research about professional learning and co-create knowledge with local partners. Birgitte Lund Nielsen, Head of Programme, Senior Ass. Prof., PhD

Professional identity formation

In a comparative study, we examined the collective professional identity across a range of different professional educations. Through case-studies, we developed approaches for how students, educators, and practitioners can work with professional identity formation. 

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International partners welcome

We welcome local, national, and international partners to our projects and activities. Please find our contact information below. 
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Professional inquiry in teacher education

The project: ‘Teacher education as a laboratory for developing excellent teaching and education’ (LULAB) develops insights into new teaching approaches. We also look at inquiry in teaching and teacher training. 
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How we work

  • Our research includes the following areas:

    • Teaching and learning methods in professional educational programmes
    • Knowledge production and transitions in professional educational programmes and practice
    • Common grounds of research, development, innovation, and education
    • Implementation and transitions in change-processes
    • Youth education, vocational training and developing teachers’ skills 
    • Developing professional identities.
  • We contribute to research related to the professions for which we educate candidates. As such, we cooperate closely with educators, teachers, and students – looking at how they practice the professions. Also, we strive to disseminate our knowledge directly to the educational programmes and practice. 

    Our work relies on dialogue, close collaboration, and a constructive and analytic approach to knowledge production. Our emphasis is on qualitative approaches to research. 

    We welcome local, national, and international partners. 

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Birgitte Lund Nielsen
  • Birgitte Lund Nielsen

  • Senior Associate Professor, PhD
  • T: 28742176
  • Professional learning and agency, educational development