Body, Physical Education and Movement

We study movement activities, physical education, and pedagogical processes in schools and daycare institutions.

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We challenge the field 

We work theoretically and empirically to develop knowledge and practices within the field. We do this through theoretical and philosophical perspectives, and by developing new pedagogical and didactic movement practices in cooperation with teachers and educators.

Our goal is – through movement - to make schools and institutions a better place to be a student and child Jens-Ole Jensen, Senior Associate Professor, Head of Programme
Body, physical education and movement

Enactive Movement Pedagogy 

We develop didactics of Enactive Movement Integration in teaching and movement-based inquiries in educational action research. Drawing on enactive cognition theory, we contribute to an international field of research of movement integration into teaching.

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Playful movement - between freedom and control

In order to better understand the qualities of movement that give children the desire and energy to move, we explore the relationship between play and movement. How may it be possible to preserve children's freedom of movement and play activities, at the same time as having educational ambitions and goals?
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How we work

    • Phenomenological and existential theories
    • The pedagogy and didactics of movement
    • Learning, education, and wellbeing, e.g. grounding
    • Physical education, e.g. didactics and meaningful physical education
    • Exercise and movement in schools, e.g. movement integration, learning, and wellbeing
    • Movement in daycare institutions, e.g. movement play
    • Qualitative methods, e.g. action research


  • Jens-Ole Jensen

  • Head of Research, Cand. mag., PhD and Senior Associate Professor
  • T: 87551708
  • Ole Lund

  • Associate Professor, PhD in Sports Science
  • T: 87 55 34 25
  • Expertise: Physical Education, phenomenology, enaction, movement research

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  • Esben Stilund Volshøj

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 29 80 17 13
  • Expertise: Physical Education, phenomenology, movement

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  • Kasper Lasthein Madsen

  • PhD, Assistant Professor
  • T: +45 87 55 18 63
  • Expertise: Movement Integration, enactive cognition, pedagogy, didactics.

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  • Lars Dahl Pedersen

  • PhD-fellow
  • T: +45 22 67 01 43
  • Expertise: Dance, play, choreographic processes, movement

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Kirstine Boel Lillelund
  • Kirstine Boel Lillelund

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 26 35 73 17
  • Expertise: Physical Education, movement and dance, play, education
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Søren Hørning
  • Søren Hørning Hansen

  • PhD-fellow
  • T: +45 29 46 17 25
  • Expertise: Play, practice, expertise, attention, education/pedagogy

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Lise Andersen Réol
  • Lise Andersen Réol

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 22 33 22 13
  • Expertise: Pedagogical psychology, social emotional competencies, physical activity and movement
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  • Mette Munk

  • Associate Professor, PhD
  • T: +45 22 74 98 25
  • Expertise: Physical Education, movement, inclusion and exclusion processes, qualitative research methodology

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Henrik Tårsted Jørgensen
  • Henrik Taarsted Jørgensen

  • PhD, Associate Professor
  • T: +45 40 95 24 07
  • Expertise: Physical Education, physical activity, movement integration, movement literacy

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Michael Blume
  • Michael Blume

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 29 88 70 69
  • Expertise:  Anthropological, sociological, and phenomenological theories of body and movement

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