Research programme for body, physical education and movement

We research movement and the importance of moving the body for pedagogical processes in schools and daycare institutions – particularly, in connection with physical education and movement activities.

How we work

We work theoretically and empirically by challenging and developing the knowledge and practice within the field. We do this by expanding our understandings through theoretical and philosophical perspectives and by developing new pedagogical and didactic movement practices together with teachers and educators.

Research areas

In our research, we are particularly focused on: 

  • Phenomenological and existential theories
  • The pedagogy and didactics of movement
  • Learning, education and wellbeing
  • Physical education
  • Exercise and movement in school
  • Movement in daycare institutions
  • For example, exercise, passion, joy, freedom, ADHD, inclusion and community.

Our research projects

5-10 larger and smaller projects are constantly underway. The goal of the projects is to make schools and institutions a better place to be a student or child with a focus on movement. Based on these values, we collaborate with and challenge practice. We develop solutions and occasionally break down performances – either alone or in close collaboration with practice.


  • Jens-Ole Jensen

  • Head of Research, Cand. mag., PhD and Senior Associate Professor
  • T: 87551708
  • E: