Learning and Digital Technologies 

The Research Program for Learning and Digital Technologies (LIT) studies how the use of ICT can develop and affect learning, teaching, communication, and collaboration.

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Annual education conference

We organize the annual national conference “The Network for Online Education” in association with Copenhagen University College and The University College of Southern Denmark. 
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Designing Online and Hybrid Learning Environments

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Teaching, Learning and Digital Technologies

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Understanding Digital Technologies

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How we work

  • We are organized in three areas of research, each containing a series of interdisciplinary themes:

    • Understanding Digital Technoloy 
    • Teaching, Learning, and Digital Technologies
    • Designing Online and Hybrid Learning Environments.
  • We have a special emphasis on VIA’s bachelor degree programmes in education, their domains of practice, and continuing education. In addition, we study how ICT affects professional practices and pedagogies throughout the educational system.

    Within our three research areas, we help with clarification of terminology and concepts that arise in order to communicate, develop, and mature projects. Moreover, all research areas have activities consisting of interventions and communication. Also, we initiate projects, participate in projects, and act as project managers.

  • In this research, we focus on the establishment of technology understanding as a new subject in professional educations and professions. Digital technology understanding builds on various existing subject traditions, such as computer science, design, design processes, and technology philosophy. In the coupling of the existing disciplines, a translation and selection work is needed to create a rewarding interaction with the professional disciplines.
  • In this field, we develop knowledge of what characterizes teaching and learning in the encounter with digital technologies. Through research and development projects, we qualify a reflective professionalism about the use of digital technologies in teaching and practice situations.

  • In this research, we focus on learning processes and teaching with digital resources and technologies. The research contributes to the development and qualification of digital learning resources and teaching practices that incorporate digital technologies. 


  • Lillian Buus

  • Head of Research, PhD
  • T: 87 55 18 93
  • Mikkel Hjorth

  • Senior Associate Professor, PhD
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Rasmus Fink Lorenzen
  • Rasmus Fink Lorenzen

  • Senior Associate Professor, PhD
  • T: +45 87 55 30 33
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