Research programme for Learning and digital technologies (LIT)

LIT researches how the use of IT can develop and influence learning, teaching, communication and collaboration throughout the education system in general.

How we work

Fundamentally, we work with R&D activities for the benefit of educational programmes. The activities are divided into areas such as interventions, project collaboration and knowledge dissemination. LIT participates in both internal and external projects, as an invited party, an initiator and/or as a project manager.

Research areas

Our research includes:

  • IT and discipline didactics with a focus on subject didactics when IT is integrated within the education system in play.
  • Technology understanding related to design processes, e.g., Design Thinking and Design Learning. This research also focuses on the didactics around working with computational thinking and digital empowerment.
  • Digital design processes. This research, for instance, relates to Learning Design methodologies and skill-developing design processes.

Our research projects

LIT develops and researches in practice and in collaboration with practice. We investigate areas such as the involvement of technology understanding in the school’s various subjects; how digital empowerment and education are understood in a technology-understanding perspective as well as how to support teachers in the digital development of their own teaching via design processes.