Research programme for outdoor pedagogy

In the programme for outdoor pedagogy, we work broadly with the importance of involving the outside world in pedagogical processes and learning activities in outdoor space.

How we work

We strengthen outdoor schools, nature kindergartens and daycare institutions and learning in nature in a broad sense through research and development. We collaborate with other actors in setting an agenda within the work with children and young people in daycare and school in Denmark.

Research areas

Our research includes:

  • The use of nature in daycare institutions 
  • The spread of outdoor schools
  • Sustainability perspectives in outdoor activities
  • The importance of nature activities for vulnerable children

Our research projects

In the programme, we deal with both pedagogical and practical aspects of the professional work with children in daycare institutions and schools when this work takes place outside. Three PhD projects are affiliate with the programme.


Karen Seierøe Barfod
  • Karen Seierøe Barfod

  • Head of Research, PhD and Associate Professor
  • T: 51769911
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